How to add Favourite Account in Maybank2u App? (2024)

Maybank2u is a Malaysian universal bank that currently operates in the home markets of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. 

You will be surprised to know that Maybank2u is Malaysia’s most valuable bank. It is listed in the top four brands of seasonal countries and is currently operating as the world’s 70th most valuable brand.

This bank was founded by Khoo Teck Puat, Oei Tjong Ie, on May 31, 1960. With the help of Maybank2u, you can easily make transactions from one Maybank2u account to another Maybank2u account. You can also pay directly to local banks or some other financial institutions.

What is the Maybank2u mobile app?

What is Maybank2u

It is one of the common questions that arrive among users. Some users must hear about Maybank2u or Maybank2u accounts. But it may be a new concept for the new Maybank2u users or some other bank app users. 

As we all know, the old customers of Maybank2u must go to the official website of Maybank2u to make the transactions. And it was quite a time taking and uncomfortable for all the users, and there was an issue regarding security purposes as it was on a website.

After seeing this problem, Maybank2u announced the launch of its app, which the bank named the Maybank2u mobile app. 

Maybank2u mobile is not rocket science, and it is just a mobile app version of the official website of Maybank2u.

Now you can use Maybank2u’s services easily on the Maybank2u app. Its user interface is just awesome and up to the mark. 

Anyone can easily navigate it and work on it. Maybank2u app is also known as  M2U mobile. If you find M2U mobile word, it is just another name for the Maybank2u app.

You will enjoy it while making transactions With this app. 

You can perform all the tasks that you will be able to perform at the official website of Maybank2u, i.e.,

If you still need to visit it, then Go once for it. 

How to add a Favourite Account in Maybank2u App?

As we all know that Maybank2u is a reputed company in Malaysia, and it is currently valued at $4.2. It is among the 500 global finance brands, and you will feel pleased to know that Maybank2u is one of them. 

After such a large valuation, there is no server issue in Maybank2u, the largest bank network in Malaysia. Now To add a favorite account, whether we add the favorite account for transfer funds or Payee. We will see both cases so you can easily add any account of your choice. You can follow the steps given below to add your favorite account: 

How to add a favorite transfer?

First, we will see steps to add favorite transfers, then shift to pay. These steps are : 

Step 1:  Login into your Maybank2u access through the Maybank2u app or the Maybank2u website.

Step 2: Click on ” Pay and transfer” 

Step 3: There must be a tab called ” Transfer.”

Step 4: You will have the option “New transfer.” Enter the bank name in it.

Step 5: Enter the transfer details, and then I

Click on “Transfer.”

Step 6: Now request and wait for ‘SMS TAC’ and “secure verification.”

Step 7:  Click on “confirm” to make the payment successful.

Step 8: Click on the star icon to save it as your favorite Payee.

So, adding your favorite person to the transfer was the process. Now let’s see how you can add your favorite Payee in the Maybank2u mobile app. Follow these steps : 

Step 1: Open the Maybank2u mobile app and then click on ‘pay and transfer’ 

Step 2: Search for the Payee you want to add to your favorite list.

Step 3: Enter bill details and then click on “Pay.”

Step 4: Request and wait for “SMS TAC'” or “Secure verification”

Step 5: Click on “confirm” to continue.

Step 6: Click on the Star icon to save them as your favorite Payee.

How to remove a favorite account in the maybank2u app?

In this part, we will learn how to remove your favorite Payee and transfer. Follow these steps to remove your favorite Payee:

How to remove favorite Payee:

Step 1: Open the Maybank2u mobile app and click on ” Pay and transfer”

Step 2: Click on the “Pay” tab.

Step 3: Click on three dots(Menu).

Step 4: Click on ” Remove Favourite.”

How to remove my favorite transfer? 

Step 1: Directly log into the Maybank2u mobile account.

Step 2: Click on the “Pay” tab.

Step 3: Click on three dots(Menu).

Step 4: Click on ” Remove Favourite.”

You have to follow the same procedure again to remove the favourite Payee. 

Conclusion : 

Maybank2u mobile app is a mobile application that is generally used to transfer funds from one Maybank2u account to another Maybank2u account. You can add or remove your favorite Payee or transfer just by login in and following some procedures mentioned above.

Are maybank2u apps safe?

Yes, Maybank2u is the largest bank in Malaysia. And it is 100 percent safe and secure to make transactions through it.

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