How to use App Cloner arm App [Latest version]

What is App Cloner arm?

With App Cloner arm app, you can create multiple copies of Android apps and install them on your smartphone without much hassles.

It is one-of-a-kind multiple account app that is able to create real-time installable APK clones.

app cloner arm apk download

How to App Cloner arm App install?

To download the App Cloner arm, you can click on the download link here. Before installing the app on your device outside of Play Store, you need to enable installation from unknown sources permission on your smart device.

How to USE App Cloner arm?

Using the App Cloner arm apk is pretty simple as it has a user-friendly interface.

  • Once you launch the app, you will see two distinct tabs; one reads Installed Apps and another reads Cloned Apps. 
  • Under the Installed Apps section, you will see all the apps that are on your smartphone.
  • If you wish to clone a particular app, let’s say the Amazon Shopping app, then you can select the app, rename it and also play around with the color and icon of the app.
  • Further, you can tap on the “Tick Mark” option to begin cloning the app. The processing takes up a few seconds after which the APK file automatically downloads on your phone.
  • You will see a pop-up message on the screen that will say that the app is cloned which you can either install or cancel.
  • To install it on your smartphone, you can click the “Install App” option.

App Features?

Following are the features of the App Cloner:

  • User Friendly – App Cloner arm has a simple user interface split into two distinct sections known as Installed Apps section and Cloned Apps section.
  • WebView URL option – This app provides data monitor option to display notifications each and every time a WebView component loads a URL. The WebView URL displays 150 characters of the URL.
  • WebViews Custom Script – This app also provides a developer option to users. It facilitates injection of custom JS code into WebViews that would be utilized by the cloned app.
  • App Bundle Support for APK files – The App Cloner arm apk supports multiple App Bundle formats like *.apks, *.zip, *.apkm, *.xapk, etc.
  • New Identity – The New Identity feature of the App Cloner app lets users change the original app’s identity to prevent the cloned app from identifying that the same application is running on the same device.
  • Color Editor – This feature allows users to change the resource-based colour definitions.
  • Hex Patcher – A Hex patcher is another developer option that permits text-based search and replace operations.
  • Minimize on Back feature – With this feature, users can control the app behaviour when they are pressing the Back option from the app’s primary screen.


Is App Cloner arm legit?

Yes, the App Cloner is completely legitimate and genuine.

Is App Cloner safe?

Yes, the App Cloner arm app is safe to use; however, it will require full access to your smartphone to be able to clone multiple apps easily.

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