How to get receipt from maybank2u App? (Complete Guide)

Maybank2u is a bank through which anyone can transfer money from one Maybank2u account to another Maybank2u account.

Currently, it is operating on a small scale. With the help of Maybank2u, you can transfer funds to any local bank or financial institution all over India. You can use M2U mobile as it is an app designed by Maybank2u. 

However, you can also make the transaction at the official site of Maybank2u, which is M2U mobile is the app version of 

In this article, we will learn how to get and find and print the receipt at the Maybank2u mobile app.

How to get receipts from the maybank2u app?

Get a receipt from the maybank2u app

Getting a receipt from the maybank2u app is a simple task. Anyone can do it by following some simple steps. 

However, you have to be clear that the Maybank2u mobile app version is known as the M2U mobile app. 

After creating your ID and password, you can easily make the transactions using the M2U mobile app. But remember that you have to create your ID and password on the official website of Maybank2u. 

To log in, you must register with your debit/credit card, account number, or whatever you have. 

Nowadays, the traffic on the official website of Maybank2u in Malaysia is continuously increasing as the number of transactions is continuously increasing.

The reason behind it is that the bank’s website is operated with an Internet banking portal like Maybank2u. 

And everyone should know that receipts are the only way to prove that you have made a transaction of a particular amount to a particular party.

And in today’s busy world, most users ignore receiving the receipt or forget it. 

But you have to know that it is too important a document. This document shows that you have made a transaction. 

So, we will discuss how someone can get his past receipts if he forgot to take them while making the transaction. Therefore, given below are the steps through which you can easily receive your past receipts: 

  1. First, log into your Old classic Maybank2u account to get your past receipts. Your new version of the Maybank2u app does not have access to your previous receipts. You can log in to the old Maybank2u account by clicking the bottom right button, ” Classic Maybank2u”.
  1. You need access to the Maybank2u account used to transfer the funds.
  1. Once you have access to the account with which you made the transaction, click on the “accounts and banking” option, which is the interface of the upper left of your screen. Here you will find an option for different types of accounts. 
  1. Click on the “view account details” of different payment methods, whether through savings, cards, or any other transaction method.
  1. It is one of the most important steps of the procedure. Here you need to click on “M2U History,” as you should know that any other option online will not let you get the receipt. It is the only way. 
  1. Here, you will get an option of “Reprint” in front of every transaction you have made. There will be a date with every transaction. 

Click on the option of “Reprint” in front of that transaction whose receipt you want. You can download the receipt in the form of a pdf or JPG, or whatever you are comfortable with.

  1. You can access your past transactions by clicking on the option ” view transaction history for past 30 days”. 

You can print your transactions for the last 30 days at this stage. If you want to go beyond the past 30 days, contact Maybank Group customer care or call 1300 88 6688.

How to download Transaction History from maybank2u App?

The procedure to download the transaction history from the Maybank2u app is not that much difficult. It is more simple than printing your receipt. 

You have to follow a simple procedure. You have already followed some steps above to get the transaction history. 

However, I can tell you again in a very simple way. So first of all, you have to log into your old classic Maybank2u; as you know, only the Old classic Maybank2u account can view the previously made transactions.

Here you get an interface with multiple options, including ” accounts and banking” click on it. After clicking on it, you can “view account details” in front of each payment method. 

Click on “view account detail” in front of the payment method you want to know the details, and finally get an option of “M2U History.” 

After clicking on it, you will get access to all the transactions you have made 30 days before. 

To get transaction history older than 30 days. Consult Maybank Group customer care or call 1300 88 6688.


Maybank2u is a medium through which anyone can make transactions from one Maybank2u account to another Maybank2u account.

In daily life, we are too busy or ignore receipts we receive from any bank, but we have to understand that it is an important part of our lives as it proves that there is a transaction between two parties.

However, by following the steps above, you can receive any transaction you made 30 days before. You must log in to the classic Maybank2u account and follow the procedure above. 

Or you can contact Maybank Group customer care or call 1300 88 6688 to get the previous transactions. 

Where to find receipts in Maybank2u?

You must enter the M2U History sections by logging into the Maybank2u official website or the Maybank2u mobile app. You can directly download the receipt there in pdf form or another.

How to print receipts from the maybank2u app?

After getting into the “M2U History Section,”. You have to click on the “reprint” option, and then you will get a pdf option or JPG from your transaction. You can take transaction records for up to 30 days. If you want to go beyond, contact Maybank Group customer care or call 1300 88 6688.

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