Zoom App for Chromebook- Use Zoom virtual background

The Zoom app download for Chromebook is the latest talked-about edition. During this season of work from home, the Zoom app is the most suitable medium of video calling being used by hundreds of job seekers, employees, employers, and business platforms all across the world.

Chromebook has brought out a new feature whereby you can integrate Zoom through Chromebook.

The meetings can hold up to 100 employees, enabling crystal clear face-to-face video calling with a superior quality of screen sharing with instant messaging facilities all within your fingertips in no time.

zoom app for chromebook

How to Zoom app download for Chromebook?

Downloading & installing Zoom app for Chromebook is an easy process. But you should ensure that you try the download from the“zoom.us site” and then click on the “add to chrome” tab.

Once you click on add to chrome tab, you’ll see a pop-up seeking permission to add the app to your Chrome browser.

Soon it will download the app.

Here is the installation guide after downloading the zoom app for Chrome.

How to Install Zoom app for Chromebook?

  • Open the Zoom app download for Chromebook, and then visit the Chrome Web Store from the given link.
  • From the search section of the Chrome webstore find out the search for the Zoom app.
  • Once the download is complete, it will be followed by the installation of the app. Again, you’ll find the notification which notifies you about the successful installation of the zoom into your Chrome webstore.
  • Once done, you’ll be able to join other callers in an ongoing call by following the link or the passcodes or by dialing in with the right telephone number.

How to USE the Zoom app on Chromebook?

The Zoom group has done a lot of work during these trying times in making their app more and more user-friendly to ensure people can connect whenever and wherever they want.

The progressive web app (PWA) is one such arrangement wherein the native web-based technology is leveraged to bring in a native desktop setting.

To bring this up, they have partnered with Google to ensure users can smoothly use the app to connect each other no matter whichever type of device they are using to connect.

PWAs can be used as web apps and can be installed on any operating system, to create an app-like experience from where the person can easily update the web clients.

The system administrators can remotely set the app in place and install and manage the PWAs easily.

The date of inception for the collaboration is decided to be 29th June.

How to use Zoom Chromebook virtual background?

Zoom Chromebook virtual background can make the meetings more exciting but this facility is not available on the Chromebook app.

To use the virtual background, you’ll either need a personal computer or a Mac.

There are always a few requirements that need to work well with the device to enable launching the virtual background. The Android version aids the Zoom app and to use it on Android, you’ll have to use the latest version of the app.

Here’s how you can do it-

1) From the Google Chrome webstore, find out the ‘visual effects for Google Meet’ and then add it to Chrome to add the extension to your browser.

2) From Google Meet, click to create a new meeting. You will be able to detect a white panel on the left-hand side of the screen. Hover the arrow over it to view it. Now move to the green screen icon from the white panel.

3) Click on the virtual tab and then click on the upload background icon.

4) Once you’re done you need to show the Zoom window during a screen share. Earlier you wouldn’t be able to do the same, but now, this option needs to be enabled from the Zoom website.

5) Log in with your credentials once you view and visit the zoom website. From the top right corner click on the ‘My account’ segment.

6) From Settings that open up on the left side, click on the ‘in the meeting (Basic)’.

7) This takes you to the next screen where one can toggle the switch beside the instruction that reads, ‘show Zoom Windows during a screen share.’

8) Now, when you start or share a Zoom meeting, you’ll e running the Google meet tab in the background. So, once you join in or log in to a meeting you will need to share your screen by clicking on the share screen button from the downside panel.

9) From the options that come up, choose the Google Meet option and then click on the Share button. Once you click on the share option Zoom will share the Google Meet video option which has the virtual background running in it and that’s how indirectly you can access a virtual background.

WHY is Zoom not working on my Chromebook?

Zoom is not working on Chromebook, if this is your issue then you need to look closer to find the reason behind its occurrence.

You might be having Zoom issues with Chromebookdue to the camera, phone, or speaker issues or due to some driver incompatibility or program incompatibility issues. Check them before launching your Chromebook with Zoom.

Does Zoom virtual background work on Chromebook?

Yes, it works via Google Meet and does not work on its own.

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