How to Vote in Voot App for Bigg Boss [Complete Guide]?

The Voot app is a Video-on-demand platform and is one of the favorite streaming apps for netizens. Voot has over 35000 hours of exhilarating content. It provides varying choices to its audience.

It covers many channels like Colors Hindi and many other vernacular languages, MTV, and also Viacom18 Digital productions. It helps stream your favorite shows, movies, kid shows, and many other options.

How to Vote in Voot App for Bigg Boss

It has a Hamburger Menu and the app has also made voting easy for the users and viewers. If you wish to vote for your favorite contestants you can do so using the app’s voting platform.

How to vote in the voot app?

To vote through the Voot app one needs to follow these steps;

  • You can download the Voot app from the Apple AppStore or Google Playstore.
  • Once downloaded you need to create an account in it.
  • Now go to the app and there are voting options available for various series.
  • You can find the voting button beside the contest.
  • To vote for your favorite contestants in a series, one needs to click on the saving option given.
  • Now vote for one of them from the nominated contestants. After voting you need to save the screen.

How to vote for bigg boss?

To vote for Bigg Boss, you will need to log in to the app.

  • Once logged in, you can easily find out the Bigg Boss voting option.
  • The Bigg Boss voting option can be accessed and you can vote for the contestants from here.
  • After voting simply save the screen and exit the app.

How to vote for Anubandha awards?

To vote for the Anubandha awards, one has to take the below steps.

  • Login to the Voot app with your username and password.
  • Now scroll to the voting options and from there choose the series you wish to vote for.
  • From the Anubandha award voting options, choose the ones you wish to vote for.
  • After voting, save the page for the answers to get saved.

How to install Voot voting app?

Voot provides a web browser as well as an app.

  • The app is present in Google Playstore and Apple AppStore for download.
  • All you need to do is go to these app stores and then download the app.
  • It hardly takes any time for the download to happen.

The web browser is also very efficient and you can try voting even from the Voot web browser.

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