How to Use Paytm Cashback Points? Redeem Payback Points

Once you have PayTm points, create an account and incorporate it. Then use them for anything like mobile recharge/DTH/ shopping and much more.

How to use Paytm cashback points?

  • Move to Cashback and offers a segment of your Pay Tm account.
  • In this segment, you can see your Pay Tm cashback points.
  • Once you click on the Pay Tm cashback points, you can see the points available for redemption.
  • You’ll also find your e-vouchers for buying groceries, travel, and Infotainment, and also food.
  • Click on How to redeem and check on all the conditions put forth by the offer.
  • You could also use the points on all the Pay Tm exclusive deals.
  • You could go through all the offers to furnish all that is offered in Cashback.
  • You could even convert your Pay Tm cashback points to your Pay Tm balance.
  • With Pay Tm you can also earn in many ways.
how to redeem paytm cashback points

How to redeem Paytm cashback?

To redeem or take cashback from pay Tm here’s what you have to do.

  • Ordering from your Pay Tm app or website you will have to click on the Cashback button. These Cashback buttons are located against the particular items of purchase.
  • Confirm the terms and conditions of cashback.
  • Wait for your cashback to get processed.
  • Finally, your Pay Tm Cash would be there in your account in some time.

How much are Paytm points worth?

The 10 Pay Tm cashback points are worth Rs.1, so if you wish to redeem rewards, you will have to take cashback from pay Tm in sometime after you have a good amount of points.

Where can I use Paytm loyalty cashback?

It can be used for paying up Pay Tm supporting merchants. You could also do online recharge or even try booking a ticket with the money.

How to redeem payback points on Paytm?

To redeem the payback points on PayTm,

  • You will have to visit the
  • Choose the rewards from the Payback rewards catalog.
  • Redeem and order the points either from the website or from the call center. Always quote the item code when contacting the call center.
  • You could also shop from partner brands in-store or online.

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