How to Update WW app on iPhone & Android?

Weight watchers is an app that is available on both iPhone and android. This is an app that assists in keeping track of calories and tells about the nutritional value that a food cuisine/dish has. There are more than 6000 recipes that are available on the app. A person can choose any dish that is tasty and will also help in losing weight. 

There are numerous attributes that the app proffers to its customers. These are like 24*7 live coaching, sleep tools, and Progress Reports that a person can get weekly. Moreover, a person also gets weight loss plans that are customized for them. The app also helps in building relationships with the people who are a part of the app. There are points also that a person can get daily and can remain at the top of the WW chart. 

how to update ww app

How to Update the WW app on iPhone?

This is an uncomplicated procedure and a person can easily update the WW app on iPhone. To do so, scrutinize all the points. So, let’s begun:

  • Firstly, open the app store on your iPhone.
  • Further, click on the profile icon that is visible on the screen top.
  • Next, scroll down to check if there are any pending updates or if there are any new releases. Click on update if the app needs that or in case a person wishes to update all apps then tap on that.

How do I Get the Latest Version of the WW app on Android?

An individual can get the latest version of the WW by following the below-mentioned simple steps. Let’s dive:

  • To begin, a person has to locate the play store and open that on Andriod.
  • Then, look for the WW app on the play store. 
  • Next, update the WW app with a tap on that. 
  • With a working internet connection, it will be downloaded in a little time. This is how a person can get the latest version of the WW app on android. 

Why is my weight watchers app not working?

The weight watchers app assists in taking care of daily food counts. When a person starts using it then it becomes a part of daily routine. So, it becomes difficult when the app suddenly does not work. Let’s find out the reasons due to why the weight watchers app is not working.

  • There might be a new update available for the app so check that if there is so then update that.
  • There might be a server issue so check that carefully.
  • Check if the internet is properly working or not.

There are some possible solutions that a person can do to fix the weight watcher app. 

  • Try to update the weight watchers app.
  • Restart the phone once again.
  • Make sure that the app has compatible.
  • Check and clear the App cache file.
  • Once again update your device.
  • Ensure the date and time are updated.


Is the weight watchers app going to be free?

An individual can download the app of weight watchers for free. However, in case a person wants to manage their weight then he/she has to take a subscription to log in.

How much does it cost for a weight watcher app?

There are several functions that a weight watcher app proffers. For that, a person has to pay an amount of $19.95 per month. 

What is a weight loss app that is completely free?

An individual can use “Lose it” an app that is free of cost and with that, an individual can keep a count of their food intake(calories). 

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