Truecaller Assistant: Your AI Call Screener for Indian Android Users


  • Truecaller Assistant is available to the Indian audience recently.
  • Reviewing calls you could not attend is possible now with Truecaller.
  • In India right now only Android users can avail of this facility.
  • The premium plan of Rs. 1499 annually can get you the option.
  • To start the Assistant’s assistance, click on the Assistant tab to get your call screened by your AI assistant.

What does Truecaller bring next?

Like everything around, Truecaller is changing. If you want to know how you must understand this post well. Until now, Truecaller could show you the caller’s details and reveal the identity of the caller. But many people feel it was not enough to stop spam calls and random unnecessary calls from surfacing.

When Truecaller shows you a name and details, you know there is a person on the other end. But, it need not be that the person calling you is a justified caller. If the person is someone you don’t want to talk to, then you still can’t dodge the person.

So, next Truecaller gives you another option with AI-infused new technology. Now Truecaller will answer calls for you. It is true; Truecaller will have AI assistance, especially for you who can take calls on your behalf. It will understand or help you understand the reason the caller is trying to call you. Then, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to pick up the call or not.

While the call is ongoing, you can listen to the entire conversation when making the decision. The recording will be deleted within 30 days from the call automatically. Truecaller rolled out in the US and Australia and has come to India only recently.

What would the Truecaller Assistant do for Indians?

The Truecaller Assistant in India will be available in English, Hindi, and even Hinglish to an extent. Truecaller comes with a 14-day free trial. Post Truecaller’s free trial, you will need to take Rs.149 plan for a month and it will be Rs.99 for a part of the limited promotional offering. There are different intonations available and differing accents to choose from, plus you can have varying styles to opt for like courteous, friendly, and professional ones.

The live transcription of the call was found to offer great help to those who want to understand before picking up the call the reason behind the call. It is ensuring a lot of time-saving and also guarantees people can save themselves from spam calls.

Once a call is connected, the Truecaller Assistant AI will greet the caller on your behalf and then will use advanced text-to-speech technology to understand the caller’s reason and identity. With it, you can choose to participate in the call and you can make an informed decision about choosing to attend the call. The Truecaller app is all set to take you one step ahead and what or how you use it is up to you.

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