How to Earn money from Tello Talk Money app?

What is Tello talk money app?

Several messenger apps have right now overpowered the market. Some of them have gained prominence with Whatsapp’s new policies surfacing a change, people were not happy to adapt with. Although WhatsApp has clarified many of the objectionable points, yet people no longer have the trust they previously had on WhatsApp. These changes have triggered migration to other available messenger apps that do not currently have policies like WhatsApp.

Pakistani population was also not happy with the new changes. This process triggered the rise of Tello Talk. The money app is an official singular chat application that can help individuals in the same way as other messenger apps. Image and file sharing, video sharing, and a multilingual platform can make the Tello Talk messenger app quite competitive and is the reason why it is growing so fast.

It is Pakistan’s messenger app and has several friendly features that promote the use of the app.

How to earn money from Tello Talk Money app Fb Biography?

Tello talk money app
  1. If you win several quizzes through Tello Talk, you can win money exclusively from the FB page.
  2. You can earn 50 PKR by signing up for the app.
  3. Earn money through different money hacks that allow users to win prizes.
  4. For free easy loads, you can earn free balance (like Zong, Telenor, Jazz and many more).

How to use Tello Talk Money App?

  1. Download the app from any of the third party appstore that hosts the app.
  2. Before downloading, check the security settings and then tick the box that allows downloading the app apk from unknown sources.
  3. After downloading the app, you need to open it and enter the mobile number.
  4. The auto verification code that will be received will verify your mobile number.
  5. Enter a profile photo and then start messaging people who are available on the app.

Tello talk money app FB biography Zaher tech

It is the first one of its kind app by Pakistan and is to be used within the country for communication purposes. The process of sending files, photos, and videos is the same as WhatsApp, and the chatting process is also quite smooth and efficient. The app’s safety features are following the standard protocols.

The app also allows several options for making money like simply signing in to the app.

Who is the owner of Tello Talk Money app?

Tello Talk chairman is Arshad Ashraf and co-founder, and CEO is Shahbaz Jamote.

Tello Talk app Features?

  1. Regional language keyboard,
  2. Local content and
  3. Integration of content across various categories is possible with the Tello talk money app.


Here’s a bit about the Tello Talk app. If you are right now not satisfied with other messenger apps and are based in Pakistan, read this post to know more about it.

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