How to Add Money to T mobile money app or Open Account?

The T mobile money app allows a 1% annual percentage yield on total balances in the app.

The app is for those who do not wish to pay account fees, overdraft fees, and no fees for availing ATMs. ATM fees are not required if you’re transacting in any AllPoint ATMs. People who are registered for T-Mobile services can also register themselves for perks. Under this scheme, they need to at least have 10 qualified purchases.

They can also earn 4% APY with a regular tab on the account balances.

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How to add money to T mobile money app?

You can add money to the T mobile money app in several ways.

  • Deposit money in an external bank. Further, transfer the money through the T-Mobile MONEY app or the website electronically.
  • Make a money order for yourself through a retailer or USPS (with an additional fee on most occasions). Deposit the money order using the mobile check deposit feature.
  • Collect another bank’s self-addressed cashier check. Deposit the check using the mobile check deposit feature on your app.
  • Visit a merchant participating in cash transfer processes like Walmart, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, CVS. 

With the help of the clerk, load money using the Green Dot, Vanilla Direct, or Money Gram debit card. The merchant would charge a fee for the same. 

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How to send money from the app?

You can send money for your bills or transfer them to another person, possibly a friend of yours in the process.

  • Login to the T-Mobile money app.
  • Choose from the social payment platforms (P2P) like Venmo, PayPal, Cash app, etc. 
  • Enter either your T-Mobile money account number & routing number. You can also enter the T-Mobile debit card details.
  • There is no transaction fee from these people but there might be a transaction fee from other services used in the process of monetary transactions.

How to Open T Mobile Money app Account?

Simple steps land you at a great site this way;

  • Select Sign up for T Mobile Money app account.
  • Now click on the option which asks if you are a T-Mobile Wireless customer.
  • Next, choose to sign up with T-Mobile ID.
  • For the Email/T-Mobile wireless number enter your T-Mobile ID.
  • Enter a password in the password section.
  • Read the agreement and check on the checkbox agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • Enter your SSN (social security number) in the given space.
  • Next, click on Submit and Prefill option.
  • Confirm all the information is correct and then click on the Continue option.
  • Check on all the agreements and disclosures. Further click on open my T-Mobile money account.
  • Type in the verification code you receive on your telephone number.
  • Choose done, submit, and then on Bring it Home.
  • Select any three security questions to enhance the security of your account.
  • Click continue, then fill in the employment status, occupation type, citizenship details.
  • Enable biometrics if using it personally.
  • Finally click on the OK tab to keep going.


  • Direct deposit facility.
  •  Online bill payments.
  •  Set up recurring payments.
  •  No overdraft or account fees to be paid.

T mobile money reviews

People leave reviews as per their expectations and satisfaction scores. Overall, the app has many positive reviews where people have praised its performance and functioning.


What is T mobile money phone number

In emergencies call **MONEY from your T-Mobile phone or dial 1-866-686-9358. From outside the U.S., dial +1-414-751-6700 for queries and problems.

Is T mobile money safe?

T-Mobile is absolutely a safe device for customers.

Is T mobile money legit?

It is a legitimate app. It is quite well known and has received reviews from many distinct organizations in the process.

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