How to Earn Money from SYW Earning App? (Quick Guide)

If you wish to know what the SYW cryptocurrency app is, then you will find relevant answers pertaining to the app here.

It is an app that can help you to earn money by just walking. Yes, you heard right, you will get money by walking. This app is quite famous in India that’s why it’s important for you to know whether the SYW App is Real or Fake? Safe or Not?

How to earn & Withdraw money from SYW App?

What is SYW Earning app?

SYW app is an app newly designed to record the activities of users all day. It records all kinds of behavioral data and users’ total number of steps walked during the day can be recorded. The data collected from individuals help in forming the app’s ecosystem. 

To stimulate users to show their data, SYW is rewarding SYW coins to all users. Global investors have recognized the business model of the app. Privately SYW is priced at 30 million dollars.

How to EARN Money from the SYW app?

If as user you willingly share data with the app, you can earn SYW coins for it. 

  1. So, simply by walking the allotted number of steps, you start earning with the app.
  2. You can also generate referral codes and can earn through that way. Referrals provide you 4 coins per referral and when you invite 3 friends and each invites three others your earnings grow. 
  3. You can earn up to Rs. 150 when your referrals rent out 150 coins.
  4. SYW has finished deployment on the ETH public chain and has successfully launched the main net. They can be transferred to any global chain network easily.

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SYW cryptocurrency Price in India?

1 SYW cryptocurrency price is 34 rupees in India.

How to download & Install SYW APP?

SYW app downloading and installing is easy and can be done through any third-party app provider.

Simply Visit any app provider site and search for the app and then download or install it on your device by clicking on the Install button.

How to withdraw Money from the SYW app?

Withdrawing money from the app needs one to complete the below instructions.

  • Log in to the app and navigate to the Me button.
  • From the account, management try finding out the collection done in the account management section.
  • Tap on the IMPS option, fill in your account number, IFSC code, your name and submit it.
  • Next move to the trade option and then click on ‘sell‘.
  • Put in the available SYW coins in the wallet and then click on the ‘sell‘ option.
  • It takes hardly 2 minutes for your account to get credited with the money.

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SYW app Minimum withdrawal?

The minimum amount one can withdraw from an account is a sum of Rs.200/-.

SYW App Real or Fake?

The SYW app details are real and users are finding a way to earn more with the app.

However, the app is not so trusted as the owner details of the app are not provided. Also, the app is not available on the Google Play store which makes the app quite suspicious.

Is SYW Safe?

It is absolutely safe to use the SYW application. But if you are thinking of investing your money in the app then you should think it twice.

We recommend withdrawing the hard-earned amount as soon as you achieve the minimum withdrawal limit.

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