How to transfer Amazon Pay balance to Paytm in India?

With the surge in online shopping people around the world are moving towards online payments rather than cash transactions, to ease the process of payment and refunds. There are a plethora of applications that provide assistance but the well-liked are Paytm, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and Phonepe. At the time of demonetization and COVID-19 Paytm became one of the reliable and leading modes of payment.

However, there are numerous applications that do not provide transfer of payments to Paytm. Amazon Pay is also one of them that does not provide transfers to Paytm in India. But do not worry there are some hacks that will help you in sending the Amazon pay balance to Paytm. Let us see a few of them in the article, so read till the end.

Transfer Amazon Pay Balance To Paytm in India


SnaPay is the most trusted application for sending the Amazon Pay balance to Paytm in India. The app uses SnaPay secure technology that makes online shopping from Facebook and WhatsApp groups safer and secure. Follow the below-given steps for transferring the balance to Paytm: 

  • Firstly download the SnaPay application from the Google store.
  • After that create an account by using Google or Facebook.
  • Further, add your phone number and enter the OTP that you must have received for verification.
  • Next, enter your permanent address and click on the submit button.
  • Open the application and tap the ‘Update Your Bank Account’ section. Now add any mode of payment or wallet. Select Paytm while adding bank account details on SnaPay.
  • Move to the payment request option and enter the amount that is to be converted from Amazon 
  • Now select the payment way as wallet, then choose Amazon Pay balance( Do not add Paytm as it is already updated in bank details)
  • Log in to your Amazon account and make a payment. 

( Note: SnaPay charges 2.99% extra for transferring amount)

  • Finally, the sent amount will be transferred to your Paytm account.

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 How to use Amazon Pay balance to Paytm?

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Shopping applications help in using the Amazon Pay balance to Paytm. Just follow a few simple steps and see how easily the payment is used. 

  • The first and foremost step is to download the shopping or eCommerce application that is having Amazon Pay as a mode of payment. Some of them are Club Factory, Lulu and Sky, Future Pay, and many more.
  • If you already have an account, log in to that account or create a new account.
  • Further, place an order and enter your delivery address.
  • Now cancel the order that you have placed and wait for the refund that will be transferred in some time.
  • The amount that is paid will be refunded to the e-wallet.
  • In the end, you can transfer the refunded amount to your Paytm account.

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How to pay from Amazon Pay to Paytm?

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There are multiple ways that can be used to pay from Amazon Pay to Paytm. The steps for all the sites are similar.  One of them is Zingoy.  Zingoy is the site that offers the highest cashback in India. The site has introduced a UPI QR CODE option that is being used for the purchase of gift cards. Let’s discuss the steps:

  • The first step is to open the  Zingoy website
  • Sign Up for your account if you are a new user or log in if you are an existing customer.
  • Now choose the Paytm gift card.
  • Further, enter to pay and click on the UPI QR CODE option.
  • Next, the QR CODE is scanned with Amazon scan and pay.
  • Finally, pay the amount and it’s complete.


Can I transfer the Amazon Pay balance to the Paytm wallet?

Yes, you can transfer the Amazon Pay balance to the Paytm wallet. There are many tricks that help in sending money. You ought to follow the simple steps by signing up for the application or a site where you want to do the transaction. After that on that particular site link your bank details with Paytm and make a purchase and pay with your Amazon Pay balance. Then cancel the transaction and wait for the refund. Automatically the money will come into your Paytm wallet. Hence, you can send the Amazon Pay balance to the Paytm wallet.

Is it possible to transfer the Amazon pay balance to Paytm?

The answer is yes, it is possible to transfer the Amazon Pay balance to Paytm. Although there is no direct method to do the above transactions but there are many tricks that allow you to send your Amazon Pay balance to Paytm. There are many sites that provide assistance. For instance: Komaprify, Nafa, Railyatri App, Club Factory, SnaPay, Cansell, and many more.

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