Snappet Pupil App: How to Use, Login & Download? Features

The Snappet pupil app brings help for students in their elementary schools. If you wish to use the app, you can train yourself using the webinar provided for students and teachers likewise. 

Spelling and grammar are made easy for students using this app. A lot of study materials have been incorporated into the app. The app also helps with problem-solving abilities in students. 

snappet pupil app login & download

How to snappet Pupil app download 

The app apk is available with some chosen third-party app stores.

For Android

  • Try to check if you have adjusted the Security tab from the Menu Settings. To toggle the download for unknown sources tab, slide it to the right.
  • Now visit any of the third party appstores and search for your app.
  • Click on the download tab or select the set injection tab.
  • Verification might involve downloading one or more additional apps to confirm you’re a human.
  • Run and then install the app on your device.

For iOS

  • Third-party appstores which do not ask you to jailbreak or root are the best options to try for iOS devices.
  • Once you have found your third party store, download the app.
  • Trust the source by visiting the General Settings within the iOS device.
  • Now run and install the app on your device easily.

How to use snappet pupil app?

There are separate logins for teachers and students and can be used in the following way.

  • Once a teacher signs in, they can begin monitoring their classes through the snippet dashboard. 
  • Giving assignments and instructions to students is easy with the app.
  • All you need to do is pull out a student’s exercise report to determine the type of help they need. Each student’s exercise report is present within the app.
  • Subjects are made simpler within the app interface. Teachers can use these study materials to explain the topics better.
  • A student too can communicate directly with their teachers. Asking a question, completing home works are now very easy with the app.


  • The app does not promote any form of advertising.
  • You can easily take screenshots to send to students or teachers from the app.
  • Data updates are sent daily to the app.
  • The user interface is easy and friendly. Students and teachers need to use separate logins to get to their classes.


Students have loved having the mini teacher-regulated snippet tablet. Teachers love the fact that until the teacher permits students cannot perform any kind of work on the snippets.


The Snappet pupil app is helping in bringing students and teachers together at the elementary level. Simply register yourself and start using the app.

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