Ronin wallet App for Android (Quick Guide)

Ronin wallet for Android is the digital identification with which you can play Axie infinity and other decentralized applications. It is in actuality an Ethereum sidechain that is built for games that run on blockchains.

With the Ronin wallet, you can be responsible for 100% of your assets and you would be the true owner of them. Transactions can be easily send using the app without having to pay the gas price.

how to download ronin wallet app apk for android

How to download Ronin wallet on Android?

Ronin wallet download for Android can be done on your Android devices from the third-party app stores which offer the app.

However, make sure you are in the right third-party appstore, in short, download from places you trust.

Once you have downloaded the Ronin wallet apk file, you can verify your human form and then run the file, additionally install the same in your device to get going.

How to Ronin wallet app download for iOS?

Ronin wallet app can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore for iOS, iPad, and Mac devices.

Simply get the Ronin wallet app by clicking on the Get button. Once you have got the Ronin app downloaded, you can easily use it on your device.


There are several wonderful features of this wonderful app.

– It supports Bluetooth 4.0 and DJI Ronin2.

– It allows and accesses adjustments of real-time parameters

– It can use logic to control the shutter options and controlling the camera using the Raven Eye Wi-fi.


How do you get Ronin's wallet?

Ronin wallet can be easily downloaded in the form of apk files for Android devices and from the Apple AppStore for iOS devices.

Is Ronin's wallet safe?

Ronin wallet is safe to use and does not incorporate any sort of issues. Ronin wallet is easy to use, quite user-friendly and monitored regularly for different parameters.

How do I add Ronin to my account?

  • The profile of Axie Infinity marketplace is to be visited through the profile section.
  • Next, you must hit the Activate Ronin wallet.
  • Now, add the extension to your Chrome by hitting on the “Add to extension” tab.
  • Go to creating an account by hitting on the create account button.
  • You will need to add a password to it and then the secret words would come up for you to write down.
  • Incorporate these words on paper and when you go back to your Axie marketplace you can look at the status.
  • Once again add your password and you’re all set to use the extension.

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