How to get Rocket League sideswipe iOS Android? Early access

What is Rocket League sideswipe?

Rocket League Sideswipe is a two minute online soccer game that is quick paced and designed for both 1v1 and 2v2 matches. They come with mobile controls that are easy for both pros and newbie players. It will undergo extensive and concrete car customizations while in the garage. Players will be ranked for participating in the competition. A global launch is being targeted for both their iOS and Android app users. Right now, beta versions are operational and running all around the globe.  

How to get Rocket League sideswipe iOS?

Rocket League sideswipe

Here’s how you can get it on the iOS store.

  1. On the Apple appstore, click to sign out of the current Apple ID.
  2. Select the option to allow the creation of a new Apple ID.
  3. Choose Australia from the list of regions and enter all other details before clicking the Next tab.
  4. Choose None for the Payment method and add the verification code from your mail address.
  5. Finally, download the game by clicking on the Get tab.

Rocket League sideswipe iOS download?

Simply visit the Apple appstore and click on the Install button after searching the app from the Search tab.

How to Rocket League sideswipe apk download for android?

Google Playstore is the place where you can download and install the app. Merely click on the Install tab to download the Rocket League sideswipe game if you are in Australia or South America.

If you are in any other region, this is what you must do.

  1. Plug a VPN and set it to Australia.
  2. Register a new user account with the Apple appstore Australia.
  3. Do not add a mobile number, skip it, and accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Search for the Rocket League sideswipe.
  5. Once you get it, click on the Install button to get the version of the Rocket League sideswipe iOS version.

Rocket League sideswipe release date in India?

The release date for the Oceania region (Australia and New Zealand) was 15th November 2021. For other regions, it would be later this year.

How to get Rocket League sideswipe early access?  

If you are not in favor of taking the by-routes as mentioned above, you can follow these steps if not in South America or Australia.

  1. Visit your store- Apple appstore or Google Playstore.
  2. Once you search for the app, click on the Get tab to install it.

Rocket League sideswipe requirements

For Android, you need an operating system of at least 6.0, and for iOS it has to be 12. The device must be Galaxy S6 or some newer version, and for iPhone, it must be iPhone 6s or some new model.


To conclude, the available football league game can be played conveniently, and the best possible way to utilize it is by downloading it to your system or device. Try to find more information about it in this blog.

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