How to Get Punjab Educare App on Android & iPhone?

The online education industry is currently booming as more and more education and teaching mediums and apps are coming up each and every day all across the world and also in the country.

The Punjab Educare app is one such latest educational app that gives free access to study materials prepped by the Punjab Department of Education. The Punjab educator app is an innovation brought about by the Punjab School Education Department to facilitate their students and teachers for online teaching during unprecedented situations like the Covid-19 lockdowns, etc.

The app is designed and offered by the Department of School Education, Punjab and hence students must rely on this one-stop solution to find free study materials including text books, pre-recorded video lessons, daily assignments, and much more.

How to Get Punjab Educare App?

Punjab Educare App

Students and teachers of the Punjab State Board can directly access the Punjab Educare app from the App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android devices.

For Android

You can download the app from Google Play by opening the Google Play app on your Android smartphone. After this, search for the Punjab Educare app in the search box and then click on the official app. Further, click the Install button from the app page.

For iPhone

The Punjab educator app is located in the App Store. You can search the app on the App Store, click the Get button, and provide your fingerprint or Apple password to initiate the download and install process. Once the app download completes, you can then open the Punjab Educare app and sign up or log in to continue studying.

App Features

The following are the features of the Punjab Educare app:

  • Simple UI – The app interface is easily navigable and students can find study material in various languages like Punjabi, English, Hindi, math, Science, and Social Sciences from classes 6 to 10.
  • Frequently updated app – The app is frequently updated for adding new content and fixing bugs.
  • Time-saving – The app saves time for students and ends the struggle of finding study material.
  • Interactive app – The Punjab Educator app is developed with the guidance of teachers and hence is student and teacher-friendly without involving many complexities.


The app is very popular as it is the official app by the Department of School Education, Punjab. The app is rated well on Google Play. With a rating of 4.4 on Google Play, the app users have shared positive feedback about the app and are very happy using the app.

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