How to connect wallet Pancakeswap App? (Quick Guide)

What is the Pancakeswap app?

The Ethereum Sushi app running primarily on the Binance Smart Chain is nothing but the Pancakeswap app. It is a decentralized Finance app and runs faster and provides cheaper transaction for the users compared to the Ethereum Sushi app.

Users who have used the Ethereum Sushi app find the Pancakeswap exchange app easier to use. 

Pancakeswap how to connect wallet

Download Pancakeswap App on iOS & Android?

To download the Pancakeswap app on iPhone (iOS) use the below procedure.

  • Download Trustwallet and create a code (Dapp) for your wallet from the app store.
  • By utilising the Dapp you can go to Pancakeswap. finance.
  • Using the code, it is very easy to connect to all the crypto apps.

For the Android app follow the below process.

  • Go to and click to download the apk.
  • Once installed you can add up some cake or BnB and then click on the Go button.
  • Add a code by typing a code in the Chrome or Firefox Browser URL.
  • Now you can find the code in your Trust wallet and check-in to see if the code is in there.
  • Use the Dapp code to go to Pancake. Finance and then connect and start farming.

How Pancakeswap works?

You can do farming & staking, exchange and lottery, NFTs and much more using this app.

  • Go to PancakeSwap by following this link.
  • Click on Connect tab in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Connect to a wallet from the options available.
  • Once connected you can start farming or use pools, lottery, collectables and also communicate with team battles and much more can be done.

How Pancakeswap make money?

  • Start a Pancakeswap Binance account. 
  • Set up a wallet
  • Add cryptos to your wallet

Now move to try different options in the app.

  • Syrup pools are the so-called best places to earn.
  • Additionally, there are liquidity pools (Farms).

There are many other options to earn and the returns are higher with the Pancakeswap app.

Pancakeswap how to connect wallet?

– Download Trust wallet from Appstore by simply searching it out and installing it on the iOS device. Once installed you can set up your wallet in it. It is one of the most trusted wallets for crypto exchange to date in the market.

– Either get cake or BnB in your wallet, either buy it simply or send it to this wallet from other exchanges.

– You have to, however, enable the Dapp by typing a code in the URL in your Safari browser- trust://browser_enable & then click on the Go button.

– Now you can go to the Trust wallet and check in there to see if the code is there.

Pancakeswap how to farm?

– To use it, select Trade- Liquidity.

– Choose two tokens (on a 50-50 rate) you need.

– After adding the amounts, click on Supply to have CAKE-BNP LP tokens.

– The tokens can be added to the farm, for it you need to select the farms.

– Choose a Pool where you would add up your token

– Once you approve the contract, it will charge you a 0.2% fee.

– Add up the tokens to the farm and earn the CAKE tokens.


Is Pancakeswap safe?

Pancake is absolutely safe to use

Is Pancakeswap legit?

It is absolutely legitimate to use and users have found no security issues with Pancakeswap app use.

Can I use Pancakeswap App?

Yes, you can use it but through a different walletPancakeswap mobile app gives you a wallet choice from among Metamask, Trust Wallet, Mathwallet, TokenPocket, Walletconnect, Binance Chain wallet and SafePal Wallet.

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