How to Use PSIRA App & Fill the Form Online?

PSiRA app is known for its online services and is designed primarily to accommodate the Private Security Industry Providers. South African citizens who work at homes and in certain workplaces can also join in, allowing the access of registered security providers.

The app allows users to verify the status of security providers and this includes those who work as individual security officers or work for companies.

how to use psira app & Fill form

How to Use PSiRA APP?

Download the PSiRA form and fill it offline. You can also fill it online and attach important documents around businesses that would be required when filling up the form.

Entity documents are required alongside individual documents and business documents.

Additionally, you would need to share a one-year business plan with them and a resolution or a specimen resolution on business letterhead.

App Features

Features that are pulling up the app’s reputation in the market include, 

– Notifications around the private industry security are sent through the app to all its users.

– Learn more about the services and how easily you can register with the regulator.

– Interaction with other PSIRA users can be done through Twitter and Facebook.

– Easy navigation system for finding the offices.

How to PSIRA app download?

PSIRA can be downloaded from the Google Play store. The app can be installed with barely two clicks after one has logged into their Google Play store. 

Can I use the PSIRA app online?

The app can be comfortably used online.

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