Parallax 3D Photo Editor App for Android & iPhone

Parallax 3D Photo Editor app is providing 3D Gyroscope many-layered wallpapers for not only your mobile home screen but also those that are compatible with other devices. Additionally, the app might also offer 4D wallpapers. The best part is such 3D wallpapers work on all types of Android devices, even the earlier version of Androids.

parallax 3d photo editor apk download for android iphone

How to use the Parallax 3D Photo Editor like a pro?

The Parallax slideshow app even enforces the scrolling effect whereby while you scroll every time you feel a fresh impact. Users can also enable the slideshow feature with which you need not change the photo every time manually as it would show all the slides one after the other all by itself. It can also be used as a Parallax lock screen app, where it will load 3D images even for locking the screen. To use the Parallax 3D Photo Editor like a pro you must know what you can do with the app. 

  • To view the app users requires no registration process.
  • You don’t even need to subscribe to the app.
  • From the huge collection of images, you just need to choose your preferred image.
  • There are a dozen categories divided into four sections- Short, smooth, manual, and classic, and you must choose from any one of them.
  • Simply click on the 4D or 3D image and then click on the download tab.
  • Due to its simple, user-friendly interface and awesome AI manoeuvres the app allows downloads quickly and smoothly.

– From the app, even real-world photos can be easily used.

Parallax App download for android & iPhone

Parallax background app needs to be downloaded from a third-party app store and can even be downloaded from the Parallax site. 

  • Simply click on the apk file to download it, then run it on your system to install it.
  • Next, do not forget to go to Menu>Settings>Security> click to download from unknown sources.

For iOS, it is available on the Apple app store by simply clicking on the Get tab.

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Does parallax work on mobile?

Yes, the 3D parallax app works on all mobile types and versions and works on older versions and low-quality Android phones as well.


The Parallax mobile app has some great reviews by users who have been delighted by the app’s 3D wallpapers.

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