How to get 103.113 NU covid registration student Form Link?

103.113 Nu app (Nu student portal)– There are almost 2254 colleges under the National University Bangladesh with almost 20 lakh students enrolled in various programs under it.

Due to COVID, all colleges are closed and now when there is ongoing planning for opening the educational institutions, college officials want to get students COVID vaccinated before they come in for their classes. So the students can

103.113 NU covid registration student Form

what is 103.113 NU App?

The ‘103.113 nu covid registration student NU app’ is open to students enrolled in the National University affiliated colleges. All students enrolled can use this app to register for the COVID vaccine. Be it the degree or the masters’ students, all can enroll for the free COVID vaccine scheme.

With the help of this app, you can register with your college for the vaccine and all you need to do is feed some student-related information into the app.

How to download 103.113 Nu app?

The app can be downloaded from third-party app stores which have incorporated the app into the system. The 103.113 NU Covid registration app is available once the apk of the app is installed into the system.

– First ensure that your Android devices are aligned to use apk files from the app stores.

– For this you have to visit your Menu section, then move on to the security tab from your settings option, and from there you have to slide the switch which would allow your downloads from unknown sources.

– In the case of iOS devices, you will have to trust the app once you’ve downloaded it.

– Click on the download button and then after the completion of the download, you’ll have to run and install the app on your device.

How to do NU Covid vaccine registration?

NU vaccine registration can be done by the students by providing their information through the app.

You can either register through the website or register into the vaccine app. Fill in your registration number provided by the University separately to each student to start with.

Once you fill in your registration number, your details would be displayed automatically like the name of your college, and next you will need to fill in some information from your end like;

  • – Your father’s name
  • – Student’s name
  • – Institution’s name
  • – Session
  • – College name,
  • – Date of birth
  • – Mobile number
  • – National IS number
  • – Submitting student’s Covid information to National university if already taken 
  • – Residential status.

Once you’ve registered, you will have to click on the Submit link.

NU Registration card

Once you log in to the site, you will have to enter your registration card number, and then your registration card will be displayed for you to download, it has been made.

NU Helpline number

You can try calling this number if you require help 9292047 (Professional). Alternately you could use the email ID: [email protected].


– The app is completely free for students who wish to undergo National university Covid registration.

– It is extremely user-friendly and indicates what, where and how you have to fill in the details.

– The app allows students to declare if they have already been COVID vaccinated.

– The card can be printed and simultaneously with the help of the card, users can easily vaccinate themselves before joining the college back.

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