How to Use & Sell MLB Ballpark App Tickets [2023]?

The MLB Ballpark app can help you choose the digital ticket functionality. It also helps you choose from offers, mobile check-ins, and exclusive content promises and also gives access to innumerable offers.

With it, you can manage your tickets and do a lot more while visiting your favorite major league baseball ballparks.

How to use MLB ballpark app?

Sell MLB Ballpark App Tickets

The app can be used to do the following.

1) Scanning tickets via Ballpark can be taken up from the Today tab.

  • You could also use the wallet tab.
  • Click on the Scan view tab to enable displaying tickets at the Ballpark.
  • Once you click on Scan a view, the event, seating, and account information would get displayed.

2) Forwarding a ticket can be done using the following steps.

  • After visiting the Wallet section, click on the game whose tickets you wish to view.
  • You cannot forward any and every ticket using the app.
  • Whichever pops up with the forward option, forward them via email.

3) Receiving tickets as gifts can also be loaded into the MLB Ballpark app.

  • Fans who receive tickets directly via email can retrieve their tickets from here.
  • The invite link is delivered via your email. Users have to retrieve it and add it to their app.
  • They might be prompted to add the app to their device if they don’t already have it.

How to sell MLB ballpark app tickets?

What do you do if you have mistakenly purchased the wrong tickets? It could also be that you do not wish to join any longer; you can easily sell off the tickets.

  • Simply enter the barcode.
  • Go to My Tickets.
  • Move to follow the Orders.
  • Now click on Sell my tickets.

The tickets would come back and can be purchased normally by anyone again.


Can you MLB ballpark app forward tickets?

Yes, you can forward tickets by the way mentioned in the above sections.

Can you print MLB ballpark app tickets?

You can print tickets from the app.


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