How to register Mera ration app online (A Quick Guide)?

Mera ration app is launched by the government of India and is aimed at covering the migrant workers and laborers who keep moving for work from one place to another. The app covers 32 states and a few union territories within the country. This system covers 69 crore NFSA (National Food Security Act) beneficiaries in the country presently.

How to Mera ration app download?

Mera ration App download

1. For Android devices

For Mera ration app download into Android devices from the Google Play StoreMera ration app launched by the NIC (National Informatics Centre) for the Android devices and the app is right now available in 14 languages. The language identification is done based on the place where the laborers have moved to, so this is kind of done instantly by the app.

– Go to the Google Play store and search with the name of the app.

– Once you get the app, click on the Install button to download it.

2. Download the Mera ration app for iPhone/iOS?

To download the Mera ration app for iPhone/iOS you will have to download the app on your phone from a site where that option comes up.

After installing it you’ll have to trust it by going to the General option and then the Settings tab. Now you got to click on the app and then trust it.

How to register Mera ration app online?

To register with the Mera ration app online, you got to follow the below steps.

– To register with the app, one must open the app and then tap the registration option from the app.

– Users would be moved to the ONORC page for registration where users would require to enter a valid ration card number and then just click on the Submit button.

– Once the migrants get the details of the card member and migration, they would require to choose their district, state, period of migration, mobile number, remarks about migration, and after completing the ONORC registration, you can press the Submit button.


The features which come with the Mera ration app come when you click the Mera ration app link and are being cited below.

– Locating the nearby local fair price shop is easier with the app.

– They can know the amount of food they are entitled to, by using this app.

– Users can see their most recent transactions.

– Aadhar seeding status can easily be seen from here.

– One can also enter their migration details easily using the app.

– Suggestions and feedback can be entered easily and the app is available in English and Hindi.

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