Smartcric app for Android/iOS: How to Use Smartcric app?

Smartcric app brings a smart solution for cricket. It also can be used as a tracker for measuring cricket performances. The cricket bat sensor, Batsense, is the main site from where the app collects data.

The app works great for professionals, players, coaches and also serves amateurs well. The game is getting impacted by the presence of this app right now. Cricket is now being served with technology where coaches can connect with their players from wherever they are.

How to Smartcric app download?

Smartcric app

If you plan to download the Smartcric app, head to the Google Play Store and Apple appstore for the same. Tune in to these app stores and install the app on your device by clicking the Install tab.

How to use Smartcric app?

Once you have downloaded the app, register with it and then use the app to watch cricket or configure with your Batsense device.

  1. From the connection page, click on the Batsense icon from the upper left corner of the app. Press the Discover Batsense option and once the devices start appearing, choose the one with which you want to pair and then click on the Connect option.
  2. As and when a new Batsense device is being used, one can register it with the app.
  3. Adding Batsense can be done even from the Profile page whereby visit the Home screen, move to the Settings option, choose Batsense and then click on the add Batsense option.
  4. You can also view live cricket by simply pressing on the match name you want to watch.

Smartcric app features

  1. Connect with a coach to get advice.
  2. Connect with your team to give advice.
  3. A total of 11 parameters can help the batsman and the bowler determine their flaws.
  4. The app provides a 3D simulation of the player at any point simply by turning on the switch.
  5. Either go to the coach-mode or creates smart videos and even compare videos.

Smartcric app reviews

Reviews for the Smartcric app is turning out great. The app is pulling up reviews from some of the finest coaches in the world. The app has a 4.6 rating on the Google Play Store and Apple appstore; the review is a whopping 4.9 out of 5.

These ratings show how popular the app is turning to be and the benefits it promises cannot be ignored as unnecessary. Technology is creating an impact on the players.

Is Smartcric app safe?

The app is built securely to prevent people from hacking into discussions between players and coaches. Security is their primary endpoint, and the company is not taking any chances in that aspect.


To conclude, it can be said that modern innovations are meeting the extraordinary field of sports. Cricket solutions are provided rarely by any technology and now it’s possible with the Smartcric app.

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