How to vote for an Indian idol contestant on Sony liv app?

Indian Idol is one of the most favorite series on the Indian Sony Television network. It has so far conducted 12 seasons and some contestants have received a lot of appreciation over the last few days of its running.

The show is watched by millions and there are a lot of people who watch this show all across the nation. People from every state can join the show and almost every state watches the show.

How to vote for Indian idol on sony liv app

The best part of this series is that people can vote for their favorite contestants through different channels. For the SonyLiv Indian idol vote, contestants participating from different parts of the country share their voting details once they have sung their song. You will have to check the serials or browse through the website of Sony TV to find out more about these contestants and their voting details.

How to vote for Indian idol on sony liv app?

Once your voting meters start, you can initiate the voting process. But they also have a limited period till you can vote for them. Mostly the Indian idol voting time is 11:00 pm on that particular day when the serial is telecasted. But it might vary depending on the requirements of the series.

This year’s Indian idol voting results would be displayed at the end of the series Grand Finale.

  • Visit and you can vote.
  • Download the SonyLiv app and you can download your mobile.
  • Visit and then vote for it.

Using or the app, you easily vote for your favorite contestant.

  • Download the SonyLiv app or go to the website.
  • Sign in either using email or your Facebook account.
  • Now from the favorite pictures choose your favored contestant.
  • Press the Submit tab to register your vote.
  • You would get a message which would state that your vote has been submitted successfully.

Using also one can register their vote

  • Login with and fill in your registration form. Names and other details need to go into the website. The users can also use the Google/Facebook login options.
  • Choose the Indian idol tab.
  • From the list of 12 contestants, you will have to select the one whom you want to vote for.
  • Click on the Submit Vote option to vote for your favorite contestant.

How to vote Indian idol contestant in sony liv app?

Voting is possible through the SonyLiv app Indian idol voting or website.

  • Open the website or app of SonyLiv & sign in to the official email ID.
  • Enter your login details. But to do so, you will have to register with the app or website.
  • Once you have registered, you can see the Indian Idol voting link/banner.
  • After clicking on the voting link or banner, click on the Vote Now option.
  • The names and images of the Indian idol contestants would open up for you in a new window.
  • Choose the one you like and register your vote on it.

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