Kokru News App (Owner Madan Gowri’s app Full details)

Kokru news app is an app which is bringing news to people’s doorstep in just one click. All you have to do is download the Kokru app. Whenever you wish to read the news; you can do so by simply tapping on the app.

No need to sign in to the news feed and no need to open computers, and browsers to read more and more news. Additionally, you can also personalize the news you wish to read according to your interests and requirements.

kokru news app founder/owner madan gowri app

You can read the news in English and you can also read the news in 5 other languages which are Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, and Telugu.

Kokru APP Owner/Founder?

The founder of the Kokru app is Madan Gowri and the app is synonymously known as the Madan Gowri app.

How to download Kokru News App?

Kokru News app can be downloaded from the Google Playstore and Apple app store.

The process of downloading apps from these two authorized app stores is extremely easy.

All you need to do is, search for the app from the search bar and then press the Install tab to make sure your app is installed.

For the Apple app store, you will have to place your fingerprint or you have to enter your Apple password to login to the Playstore and to download the app.

How to USE Kokru App?

Once you download the Kokru news app, you will have to register your telephone number with the app.

That’s all it takes to set up the app.

  • Now from the app sections, you’ll have to find out which news coverages you wish to follow. Select your niches and create your personalized news list.
  • You can get news from your favorite niches throughout the day.
  • You can also set up a reminder for particular news if you wish to follow it up further.
  • You can set your preferred language with the app and you can follow the news using the app in 6 different languages.

Is Kokru App SAFE?

The Kokru app is immensely safe to use, though it can make your life easier every time you wish to understand what is going on around the world.

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