Flixtor App for Android, iPhone, Apple Tv, Roku Tv, Firestick

What is the Flixtor app?

Flixtor allows watching movies and tele series for free. If you have a device, you can download the Flixtor app, and it lets you filter movie-wise or series-wise.

There are several categories around which you can classify downloads like shuffling by date, popularity, and by the number of downloads which has been done.

For Flixtor, you will have to either download the Torrent movie files or you will have to stream them on your device.

If you’re streaming it then you’ll be routed to the free streaming of the app.

Flixtor App Download Android, iPhone

How to freely Download the Flixtor app?

The Flixtor can be used on Android devices.

1. For Android

You can either download the file from a third-party app store by clicking on the Menu settings, then jumping onto its security section to toggle the switch which would allow you to download app apks from unknown sources.

You can also log in to https://flixtor.is or https://flixtor.to and then move on with watching or downloading movies directly by opening the links on the phone.

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2. For iPhone

Simply by opening the given links on your Safari browser, https://flixtor.is or https://flixtor.to you can open the channel in your iPhone.

3. For Apple TV

To play Flixtor on Apple TV, you’ll be able to open the link on your Safari window from your Apple TV and navigate through the interface to catch up on your favorite movies.

4. For Roku TV

For Flixtor in Roku TV simply uses the links given above and get to view your favorite movies through the website portal. The best way to catch up on a movie using Flixtor is by using the website portal.

5. For FireStick

For FireStick users, the Silk browser needs to be downloaded from the Amazon AppStore.

Download the silk browser and then inside it, type https://flixtor.to/ and then click on the Go button.

You can easily download movies from it or watch the movie online.


Does Flixtor have an app?

Yes, Flixtor also has an app, whose apk is available on any third-party app store platform. Additionally, the web interface of Flixtor is wonderful and it can be used to watch and download movies, tele series, and others.

Is Flixtor safe to use?

Flixtor is extremely safe and using Flixtor is going to not jeopardize your device’s safety parameters in any way. However, it is always advisable to use an antivirus or anti-malware application, whenever you’re planning to download movies from Flixtor.

Can we download movies from Flixtor?

Yes, you can download movies from Flextor since the movie files are typically Torrent files and are compatible thus, with almost all devices.

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