[Updated] Runtopia App: How to USE & Install Runtopia?

Runtopia is a GPS-based app. It can help you count your steps and can also help you analyze your runs. It is a walking step counter and is primarily responsible for converting your steps to currency units. The coins are known as SPC coins. The coins can be used for buying sports items, in-app shop services, and prizes. 

How to Runtopia App download

How to use Runtopia app?

Here’s what you can do with the app.

  • Visit the Sports coin page, and choose the Task icon.
  • SPC coins appear soon after the completion of the said task.
  • You can collect the coins into your account after they appear next to your task.
  • Daily and total SPC coin earnings can be viewed on the top part of the page.
  • From the Me page, you can leave feedback.
  • From the Settings page, you can alter the distance settings like changing kilometers to miles. You can also alter your username, age, and gender from here.
  • The app also offers three types of memberships- one month, six months, and one year.

How to Install the Runtopia app?

The Runtopia app can be downloaded from any of the third-party app stores.

  • Simply click on the Menu Settings>Security. You then have to slide the toggle switch to the right to enable downloading apps from unknown sources.
  • Go to a third-party apk AppStore.
  • Click on the download tab of the apk of the Runtopia app.
  • Once downloaded you have to run the verification. It involves downloading some more apps and running them on your device environment for some time.
  • After verification, you can run and install the app easily in your system.

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  • You get access to real-time running data using the app.
  • Tailor-made training plans are on offer for you.
  • Real-time professional audio guidance for the users.
  • Leaderboards are run to make running more fun.
  • There are a lot of free products on offer apart from discounts and free gifts.

Runtopia app review

Reviews are awesome for the app; most people are using it regularly. Many even have switched to premium membership plans with the app. On a scale of 5, the app can be safely given a rating of 4 to 4.2 from our end.

Runtopia rewards

Rewards benefit users immensely and there are many reward plans with the app. 

Sports coin is a motivating factor being used by the app to keep the users motivated. Those coins can help you purchase a lot of stuff from the app base.

PayPal cash prizes, Apple iWatch, Samsung Galaxy S9, and a lot more can be earned through daily coins.


How do you get money from Runtopia?

The coins you earn help you collect prizes from the app. This is the way you can keep earning and investing coins in procuring prizes from the app.

How much can you earn from Runtopia?

You can earn 50 coins a day in the free mode, in the premium mode you can earn 100 coins and in the shoe mode, you can earn 150 coins in a day.

Is runtopia pays you to get fit?

Yes, it pays to keep you fit and running all the time.

Is Runtopia real?

Yes, Runtopia is a real app and works for all users once downloaded.

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