How to evolve inkay pokemon go Android?

Recently Pokémon Go held a psychic spectacular event in which Inkay was introduced. Inkay is spotted primarily in four places-

  • In one-star raids
  • Inkay is a Pokémon to be found in the wild
  • It can also be found in photobombs.
  • At the end of events, Inkay can also be found

How to evolve inkay Pokemon go android

How to evolve inkay pokemon go android

To evolve Inkay, you must evolve your game. Only after Level 30 will you be close enough to evolve Inkay into its power puffed counterpart Malamar.

However, before you convert Inkay into its powerful counterpart, you need to collect 50 Inkay candies. To do so, you can follow two particular ways-feeding Pinap berries to the Inkay and playing different stages of Misunderstood Mischief.

Once you have 50 Inkay candies, you can now evolve your Inkay.

  • Go back to your phone, turn it upside down. 
  • Tap on the Evolve tab and wait for the evolution to happen.

How to help inkay evolve in pokemon go

To help evolve Pokémon Go, you need to do these two processes.

To get these candies, you must follow the below tracks.

  • To get the candy, you will need to feed Pinap berries to the Inkays.
  • Pinap berries are found only as levelling up rewards, so you will have to raise your levels.
  • The better your level is, the better are your chances to find Pinap berries in rewards.

One more way you can get hold of Inkay candies would be by following the below points.

  • If you can complete the research story quest for Misunderstood Mischief, you can get these candies.
  • After completing the five stages, you will get ten candies out of it.
  • Season of Mischief brings out different stages from time to time; you must complete them as and when required.
  • But if you want to be at the fifth stage, you will need to cross the first four stages.

What do I need to evolve Inkay Pokemon Go?

You would need to feed Pinap berries to the Inkay to get those Inkay candies. You have to play Misunderstood Mischief up to level 5 to get 10 Inkay candies 

Can you still evolve Inkay after level 30?

Yes, you can evolve Inkay even after Level 30, but the evolution process is not like it is when below Level 30.

Does Inkay need a stone to evolve?

It needs 50 Inkay candies to evolve and will never need a stone.


If you want to see your Inkays in their evolved forms called Malamar, you will need to follow the processes mentioned above carefully.

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