Top 10 Puzzle Games for Android in 2024 (A Quick Guide)

There is a good feeling after solving a puzzle. These puzzle games satisfy and intrigue us, which is interesting and attention-seeking. It makes our brains powerful enough to work accurately and solve real-life problems. 

It is suggested to everyone to play puzzle games regularly so that their problem skill can be improved and they can solve real-life problems as well. 

For people who don’t know about Puzzle games, it is just a game that tests a person’s ingenuity, problem-solving ability, or knowledge. 

It requires the brain’s muscles to solve such problems. If we talk about puzzle games in Android, you will find the same concept but in a virtual form. 

You must have seen the toy puzzles in which you have to arrange the pieces of toys so they can be set up logically.

The concept behind the game would be the same, that is, logic, but it may be designed differently. Don’t worry about that, as we will discuss Android’s top 10 puzzle games. The list of these games is given below: 

Top 10 puzzle games for Android
  1. Unlock me : 

The first game in our list of top 10 puzzle games for Android is Unlock me, a popular game worldwide. This game has some specialties and uniqueness that make it different from other games. 

This game is known for its sliding user interface. In this game, you will get some slides to move in puzzles in which you have to put the red block out of the puzzle. 

All the slides you will get here will be in a square. In the initial level, you will find two or three blocks in the game, and you need to arrange all those blocks to get the red block out of the Square.

You will get virtual blocks of wood and enough space to move that wood in the Square. The Square would contain a square hole through which you must put the red block out of the square box.

You must be thinking that it would be easy, but actually, it is not. In the beginning level, this game is easy, but as you cross the levels, you will find that the game is becoming more complex and tougher than the previous one. 

Unlock me has more than 40,000 levels, and you must cross them. This game has some modes as well. The first one is Relax mode, in which you have unlimited time and moves to complete the level. 

The second level is in challenging mode, where you must complete as few moves as possible. You get ranked based on moves in challenging levels.

  1. Sudoku : 

The next puzzle game on our list is Woodoku. You need to play this game like sudoku if you know about it. It is a game designed by triple dot studios.

 In this game, you will be given a 9×9 board of boxes of columns and rows. Here you would be given wooden boxes of different shapes and sizes, and you have to put these wooden boxes into the board while filling the rows and columns of the box. 

When you put the right wooden box in the right column or row, the area of those boxes will be cleared automatically, and you will get a new area to put your boxes into again. 

You must perform this activity repeatedly until all the boxes are filled well in this duration. To fill the boxes like that, you will also have a row or column that does not fit into that 9×9 grid. 

Here you need to find the mistake, rectify it and then move forward. The special thing about this game is that you can play this game offline as well. This game has 100 levels to clear.

  1. Infinity Loop: 

The third one on our list is Infinity Loop, a relaxing and challenging game for everyone. Here you will get different loops in which you have to connect in such a manner that you will get an infinite loop. Sounds interesting! Right. 

In this game, you will see some disjointed loops with its sideways and wonky and would not connect.

To fix it, you need to rotate different parts of the loop in different directions. Your loop will be connected perfectly only when different parts of the loop get infinite.

You will automatically know this and move to the next level after completing the previous one. 

The special thing about this puzzle game is that it has another mode known as infinity dark mode, in which you have to play just the opposite way you did in previous games. 

In this mode, you need to disconnect all the loops so that every part of the loop doesn’t touch each other.

  1. XOB: 

This game is for those who love graphics and is a kinetic puzzle that works with psychedelic graphics. 

And this game is a good source of entertainment compared to other games. 

This game contains a wide range of psychedelic imagery, which creates curiosity among the user and is the most interesting part of the game.

It would help if you moved your smartphone to get some small boxes that you will control into a portal. This way, you can easily reach another level, and the cycle goes on the same concept. 

It sounds easy, but you face some difficulties while playing this game. The box you will navigate will be surrounded by too many boxes that will serve as platforms so that you can go to the next level easily.

  1. Empty: 

Empty game is a unique game that helps a person to build his analytical skills and increase his problem-solving ability. Dustyroom designs this game. In this game, you must empty a room full of tables, chairs, fridges, ladders, beds, etc. 

You have to spin the room to bring the object out of your home. Each object and wall is colored. You can bend the object with that wall whose color matches the object. In this way, you have to empty the room.

It may sound boring or complicated but believe me; it is too easy to navigate and quite interesting. Once you start playing this, you will enjoy it too much while playing this game. 

  1. Not Not: 

It is a game designed by Alt shift. It is simple to play, but it’s still a complex game for those who have never played such games. This game is also known as a “Brain Buster.”  

In this game, you will get a cube and some instructions written on the cube. You have to follow these instructions to win the game. 

It may sound quite easy, but you will be surprised to know that it is much more difficult than you think. You have to move the cube according to the directions instructed on it.

The direction on the cube could be up, down, left or right. But you have to read the instructions many times to know the actual direction of the cube instructed. Let’s understand it with an example; if an instruction shows “down” or “left” on the cube, then you have to swipe toward the down left.

If “not left” is on the cube, then you have to swipe right. Suppose it is showing “Not left,” then you must swipe left. These instructions are simple to follow, but as you go upward by qualifying the levels, you will find the instructions delivered by the game getting more complex and hard to follow.

  1. Parallax: 

It is a game created by Muses which includes some colors and tiles. This game focuses on getting all the colors the same in the grid. The grid of the box may be smaller or larger as it is made of several squares. In the grid, either the box is colored or colorless.

Every colored Square already has a set number of moves, which anyone can see in the white dot of the Square. You have to move the Square in the grid to make a grid of the same color.

If you change the Square’s color and find that the Square has other squares of the same color connected, then you can use a chain reaction. 

As you start playing the game, the level becomes more difficult. In the first two levels, you will learn how to navigate the game, and then it will raise the difficulty level from easy to moderate and then difficult. 

However, this game has lots of levels to play, but you have to clear previous levels to go to those levels.

  1. Two dots: 

Two dots is a puzzle game designed by PlayDots. In this game, you have to connect the same color of dots. You will get some points and achieve your targeted goals in this way. 

You will have all different colored dots in a grid, and you need to connect the dots of the same colored dots. Once all the dots of the same color connect, the old dots you have connected will disappear, and new dots will take their places. 

The game is not just limited to adding dots but it is more than it. You can create a firestick, matchbox, bomb, or any other object on the hint as well. As you get deeper into the game, you get different things about it, making it interesting. It also has a feature of multiplayer through which you can challenge your friends to play the game.

  1. Monument Valley 2: 

This game is just awesome. Ustwo creates it. There is a predecessor of this game named Monument Valley. 

This game has improved its limitations and makes it a masterpiece among users.

The concept of the game is based on its previous version. The mechanism of the game is the same.

A character named RO has to study the stunning structures while studying the rules of Sacred Geometry and has to solve the puzzles that will determine whether pathways illusions will trick him. 

Monument Valley 2 has an amazing soundtrack with visual graphics. You must understand the feasible structures and explore mysterious ways to complete the levels. It is more interesting than it sounds to be.

  1. Linelight: 

The last game on our list is Linelight. It is simple, interesting, and entertaining as well.

In this game, the user has a small white line in between the grid of lights. If you play this game, you have to move that bright line in a strategic way to the endpoint. 

You will get six different worlds with more than 200 levels in this game. The graphics used in this game are decent, but the soundtrack is good with the game. 

But it could be disappointing to some game lovers that it’s a paid app, and you have to pay a very low $1.99 to play this game. And it is not expensive. Anyone can afford it and play this game.

Final take: 

All the games we have discussed above enhance problem-solving skills and logical and analytical thinking. Except for Monument Valley 2 and Linelight, all the other games out of the 10 we discussed are free of cost. So you can play them regularly to sharpen your brain.

Which is the best Puzzle game? 

Monument Valley is the best Puzzle game you can play, as it enhances your mental ability to solve problems and entertain you at the same time.

Should we play Puzzle Games?

The answer is a big “YES.” It would help if you played puzzle games as they help improve your problem-solving skills and logical and analytical thinking in real life.

Are puzzle games entertaining?

Yes, puzzle games are entertaining. Once you get into the puzzle game, you pay attention to solving that particular puzzle, and when you solve it, it gives you pleasure.

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