How to Get AppEven App Mobile- for Android, iOS?

AppEven mobile: Have you been waiting to get the mod version of several popular apps like Whatsapp, Cash App, Cash App++, Gcash, Venmo app, Instagram, Snapchat, and more? The wait is over. Now you can download and install as many apps you want with the AppEven APK Mobile. Irrespective of the platform, be it Android or iOS, the Mobile Appeven APK is ready to serve you all.

Read through this topic and learn about the downloading procedure of Appeven APK in no time. 

What is Mobile Appeven APK?

Size3.4 MB
Total Downloads10,0000

Appeven APK is so far the best app available in the market to download tweaked apps and games. Although the web world is filled with many such alternatives, still Appeven’s database has the most amazing and impeccable review. Full of consistency and with amazing working capability, the Appeven APK is the most promising app in the market. 

How to download AppEven apk for android mobile?

app even mobile android ios

Appeven free download android devices. To download the Appeven app apk in your android device, follow the simple guideline:

  • Open your device
  • Go to Google’s Search section
  • Paste the link given here- 
appeven mobile for android
  • Clicking on this link will start the downloading process
appeven apk for android
  • Once it is downloaded, go to the settings of your device and trust download from unknown sources
  • This will install the appeven for Android device
  • Search the app in your Home Screen and enjoy using it
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Free download android procedure is open for any android device. 

How to get AppEven in iOS?

Install appeven for ios 14, 12, 9.3.5 etc. It is capatable with all versions. To download the appeven for iPhone, iOS device, follow the given instructions:

  • Go to this link- 
  • Allow the site to install the app in your iOS device
  • Wait until you are redirected to the Appeven window
  • Tap on the button that reads ‘Install’ 
  • Type the passcode of your device
  • Confirm the installation process by clicking on ‘Done’
  • Wait until the app gets installed and start enjoying it

using this apk, you can install free apps and you can also install appeven free games.


Is AppEven app safe?

As, being a third party appstore, there is always a risk. But there is no complain about this appstore. So, we can consider it safe and legit. You can use it on your own risk.


You can use Appeven helper app to download apps like Cash App, Cash App++, Venmo App, Paypal, Appeven Whatsapp, toca boca, Snapchat, and more. Currently, Appeven is better than any other app installing application. It is the trending app installer with incredibly engaging reviews and millions of downloads. If you have any queries related the app or its installation process, you can reach out to the Appeven helper team.

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