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The CRA Sinop app is a vaccine app from Sino Farm. With the help of this app, you can easily book a Sino Farm vaccine. The CRA Sinop app Sino Farm vaccine reservation service is brought forth by Chulabhorn Royal College.

Selecting vaccination centers and vaccines from the CRA Sinop app is easily possible as the app itself is meant for this purpose. The vaccine has received authorization for emergency use from the World Health Organization

(WHO). It is another inactivated virus vaccine and is approved only for covering emergency needs. 

The people who book the vaccine through this app are provided in certain hospitals and apply from 28th July 2021 to 31st august 2021.

cra sinop app download ios android

How to CRA Sinop App download?

The CRA Sinop app can be downloaded from Google PlayStore and the Apple app store. 

From Google Play Store and Apple app store, you need to install the app on your device after searching for the app in the search bar of your registered play stores. 

You can also download the apk file for the app, further run and install the app from any of the third-party app stores. In the third-party app store, there is a small human verification process to address.

Additionally, with third-party app stores, you will have to ensure you either trust the app on your Apple devices or permit the download of apps from unknown sources for Android apps.

How to register for the Sino Farm vaccine booking app?

  • Go to the app and then register yourself with it. 
  • Confirm your registration by putting the OTPs in the right place.
  • Once you login to the app, you can see a lot of sections.
  • Click on the ones you need to register yourself with the app for the vaccine.
  • But before registering yourself for the vaccine check your nearest vaccination center.
  • Click on the vaccinate tab, and then fill out a simple form with your preferred location for vaccination, your demographic details, your address, and so on, and then submit the form. Once your form is submitted, your vaccination details and your vaccination center would be emailed or messaged to your number in due time.

How to make booking and vaccination appointments?

To book a vaccination, you need to follow the above process and pre-booking facilities are already available with the app to ensure people do not fall into unnecessary queues and crowds anywhere.


The app provides you access to the following:

1. The app can provide you with a detailed list of all the centers.

2. Within the app has separate columns which tell you more about the vaccine, its details, and also its utility.

3. Through the app one can easily book appointments.

4. The app is user-friendly and quite easy to navigate.

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