How to vote on BBNaija via SMS, Web & DStv App?

If you are super excited about Big Brother Naija and wish to know how you can vote for your favourite contestants, then here’s a guide to answering your queries. The BBN voting polls are live now and you can vote for your favourite contestant easily.

Big Brother is removing the old-school SMS voting system and replacing it with the Dstv/Gotv tiered voting system. From this season onwards, you can only vote for the contestants via the mobile site, website, and the MyDstv or MyGOtv app.

How to vote on bbnaija

How to vote on BBNaija via web?

The voting procedure for BBNaija via the BBNaija website is explained in the following steps. Website votes are free of cost; however, regular data charges will be applicable.

  • Go to the Africa Magic website which is the BBNaija voting website.
  • Hit the Vote menu item and then Register with your name, birth year, gender, location, and mobile number.
  • Verify the number with the received OTP.
  • Then, log in with your phone number and password.
  • After this, choose your favourite housemate and then enter the number of votes you want to cast.
  • Finally, click the Vote button.

How to vote Big Brother Nigeria on DStv app?

The votes are free but data charges are applicable. You must be an active MyDStv subscriber to use this method of voting. Here is how you can vote for the favourite housemate of Big Brother Naija using the MyDStv app.

  • Click the Vote now button to register for voting and log into the app by choosing your country, surname, mobile number, and smartcard number.
  • Go to the MyDStv app account page and find the “Vote Now” button.
  • Further, follow the on-screen prompts to cast your vote.

How to vote on BBNaija winner?

To vote for the winner on BBNaija Season 6, you can use the below methods of voting:

  • Big Brother Naija website
  • Mobile site
  • MyDStv app and MyGotv app.

You can vote for the winner during the season finale when the voting lines open.

How to vote on BBNaija via SMS?

From the sixth season, the SMS voting system has been scrapped off by big brother. You can no longer vote for your favourite Big Brother Naija Housemates by SMS and save them from eviction.

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