When does the Burger King MW2 Promotion END?

Burger King is an outlet that sells varied food items and beverages across numerous countries. There are many outlets of the brand that are present all over the world. A new promotional offer is initiated by the brand. In this, a person will not only get a burger but also several offers that include an hour of double XP. 

  • An individual can redeem the rewards at the site of MW2 i.e. mtndewgaming.com/login, MTN Dew Code.
  • Simply, “register the account” and then collaborate with the Activision Account.
  • Next, just “add the code” of MTN Dew Product. The code is located at the MTN Dew Gaming website lower right. Just keep on scrolling. 
  • The rewards will be shown to you at the next login on your desired platform. 

This is an uncomplicated procedure that can be completed in some time if followed correctly. There are COD points also that are earned along with this. All the rewards for the Modern Warfare 2 are available in the US. Although, there is also a promotion that is being offered by the brand it is not accessible in the US. 

when does burger king mw2 promotion end

What is Modern Warfare 2 Meal?

Modern Warfare 2 meal is a meal that is offered at Burger King. A person will get a burger, fries as well as drinks. However, it might change as per the region. The meal will also give exclusive operator skin along with this and a person will also get a double XP hourly.  

This year the Modern Warfare 2 meal is available from October 28 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. The meal is available in more than 40 countries at burger king stores. After the purchase, a person gets a redeemable code. A procedure needs to be followed to redeem the code and get the offer.

When does the burger king MW2 promotion end?

The promotion offer for burger king MW2 is ongoing till March 28, 2023. The offer is available in several countries. The products/promotion was initiated on October 17, 2022. There are numerous rewards that an applicant gets along with the burger king MW2 promotion. Let’s have a look at the prizes that are obtainable with Mountain Dew products:

  • Dual 2XP or a Weapon 2XP that varies with the purchase
  • Points COD.
  • MTN Dew Operator Skin

All these vary along with the purchase. The table will make it more clear:

  • With game fuel—15 Minutes Daul 2XP
  • Along with 24 pack—120 Minutes Dual 2XP/150 COD points
  • 20 OZ Products—30 Minutes Dual 2XP
  • With 12 Pack—60 Minutes Dual 2XP/75COD.

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What Food Comes with MW2 Meal?

With the burger king MW2 meal, an individual gets a burger, fries, drinks, operator skin, and also time to enjoy the double XP. This is an instance of a meal however, it might differ with the region. There are innumerable rewards that a person gets along with this meal. The rewards ranges with the purchase that are explained above. The individual also gets a chance to earn COD points with this. A person can easily redeem these points by registering at the MW site. 

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