BOB world app Bank of Baroda: How to Use, Register & Login?

The Bob World app by Bank of Baroda keeps you connected to the banking world seamlessly. With the app, you can choose from almost 220+ services that are on offer for people using the app.

Bob World has almost all the features the Bob M-Connect app has. With a new changed user interface, the app exhibits new functionalities similar to Paytm. Checking credit scores and being able to see your card are some of the services you can use with the card.

how to use bob world app bank of baroda download

How to use BOB world Bank of Baroda app?

After downloading the app, you need to register yourself with it. Registering with it is easy, all you have to do is, follow the required instructions.

If you’ve already registered with Bank of Baroda’s web portal you can use the same log-in information here again.

  • Activating mobile banking is possible by generating an mPIN for the mobile number registered under your name.
  • You can link your bank accounts easily through the universal customer ID generation.
  • To generate mPIN you must log in then move to the Main Menu, My Set Up, and then move to change mPIN.
  • To transfer funds you can visit your self-linked bank account options. Choose the source account, and destination account, and then initiate the fund transfer.
  • Within the bank, browse to the third-party transfer and then choose the source account. Enter the destination account and initiate a fund transfer to any of the Bank of Baroda branches.

How to Register?

From the Bank of Baroda, the home page or any of the branches collect retail (meant for individuals)/ corporate users (meant for businesses).

  • The form should be signed and duly filled by all the signatories (either individual or joint applications).
  • The form should be submitted to the home branch where the user possesses an account.
  • Either click on forgot user ID to generate one or get it via mail.
  • Once done, you must set your password.
  • Retail customers can use the Connect link for online registration through their debit card if they have one.
  • Now simply log in using the user ID and password.

How to login?

After registering yourself with Bank of Baroda, you can log in using the username and the password to your Bank of Baroda account.

How to BoB world app bank of Baroda download?

The Bob World app bank of Baroda can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore and the Google Playstore. The app in the Apple AppStore is still available with the M-Connect Plus app’s name. In Google Playstore, you though can find the right option.

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