How to do Ami Probashi vaccine Registration?

The Ami Probashi app for vaccination is newly launched and discovered by the Bureau of Manpower, Employment, and Training (BMET).

The app is launched primarily to facilitate the vaccination of expatriates living abroad. They can easily register using the app and get vaccinated without taking up any further trouble.

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What is Ami Probashi app for the vaccine?

Bangladeshis who are out of the country for a long period are eager to return home since most countries have gone into lockdown stages. Additionally, factories and other major production units have been switched off for the time being.

Living abroad and earning is no longer feasible for many. Thus, people are eager to return home but nobody can since they need to be vaccinated before coming back.

The Ami Probashi app would help them register and get vaccinated in different countries through their system and then they can safely return to their homeland. Additionally, the app also offers a lot of other benefits to the people who download and start using the app.

 How to Ami Probashi app Download?

People who are not comfortable using the app can also perform the same functions using the website.

For the app, however, you can download it from Google Playstore. 

Use the AMI Probasi keywords.

Once you can locate the website you can click on the Install button to get the Ami Probashi app.

How to do Ami Probashi vaccine Registration?

If you have decided to go with the app, then you must know the process behind BMET registration for the vaccine.

Use these instructions to set up your registration.

  • Open the app on your phone.
  • Click on the Register tab.
  • Now include your name, current location, passport details, and other miscellaneous information.
  • After answering the security key, you can complete the registration process.

How to Use the Ami Probashi app for the vaccine?

 Using the Ami Probashi app for the vaccine is not difficult at all. It uses very simple steps to allow others to use the app.

  • Once downloaded, select the language of operation- Bengali or English.
  • User registration requires your mobile number and email address.
  • Once you input the mobile number, you will receive a code that you have to enter to verify.
  • Next select countries, you can select up to three countries from the dropdown which lists almost 123 countries including the Middle East.
  • Next, you need to enter your skill sets. You need to also mention the jobs you are good at.
  • Enter your sex (gender- male or female).
  • Include next, all the information about working abroad and your educational qualifications. 
  • Once inside the app, you can enter your application by completing the job application process.
  • Additionally, you can check the status of job searches that you perform in the process.
  • However, without authorizing yourself with the BMET you cannot proceed further, so ideally you need to be registered with the Bureau of Manpower, Employment, and Training.

Using the app, you can browse through different nearby facilities like locating the employment office, district manpower, recruiting agency, nearest passport office, medical center, and government training centers. Once you click on the name and address of the destination, it will show you the map route.

From the app, you can also refer to a checklist that indicates all those points which you must clear first to work or live abroad away from your home.

App Features

The app is aimed at performing the following actions like 

The platform helps people find legal work.

Users can also use the app to scan and store necessary details some of them being passports, job approval letters, and National Identity cards.

The app also includes detailed information, like the email ID and phone number of people who can be contacted when abroad, in face of difficulties.

Additionally, the Pfizer vaccine would be made available to the people in the wake of COVID-19 ascertaining people’s return to the country whenever required.

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