Does ihop accept apple pay (Complete Guide 2024)?

ihop is one of the most popular and famous restaurant companies. It has now grown it more of an organization. People know to prefer it over any other outlets. That is why such organizations need to be updated with the new ways of people. Pay through Apple is a modern way to promote and do online transactions. Now, the main question arises, whether it supports ihop or not. Let’s find out.

Does ihop take apple pay 2024?

Does ihop accept apple pay 2022?

Yes, ihop accepts payment from apple pay. You can pay at their outlets and restaurant easily through an apple pay account. Whether you have a takeaway order or simply placing a significant delivery order, you can complete your purchase via apple pay.  

Apple pay is an excellent contactless payment platform specially designed for iOS users. The use of NFC technology helps apple pay perform and transfer payments around the globe. Apple pay has made life much more accessible; people won’t even have to touch their phones to pay the money. A simple Apple watch can do that for you.

How to use apple pay on ihop?

 Using apple pay on ihop is easy. However, if you still need to set up your apple pay account completely, you might face problems while doing transactions. On the other hand, if you have completely verified your account, it will be a pretty short ride for you. 

So, you have ordered your food, and now you are done eating your meal. And it’s time for you to pay. Follow these simple steps to pay for your meal via Apple pay. 

  1. Open your apple pay application on your phone.
  2. Before you do anything, make sure you have opted for the right card on your apple pay. You can also alter the cards anytime you like.
  3. Swipe your phone near any POS device at an average pace. Make sure your phone is awake all the time.
  4. Once you see the green checkmark, which means your transaction has been processed successfully, take off your phone.

That’s it, and you are done with your payment. If you have your apple watch linked to your apple pay, then instead of your phone, you can swipe your watch on the POS machine, too, and your payment will be made to the ihop.

ihop payment methods

Apart from apple pay, ihop being an organization and a food chain, also has several other payment methods that it supports and allows at its outlets and restaurants. You can use them to pay for your takeaway or dine-in facilities and food. 

Here is the list of different methods that ihop supports:

  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • Different types of Gift Cards
  • Google Pay
  • American Express
  • Apple Pay
  • Venmo
  • Cash

Based on your payment method, you can also avail of some hefty discounts and offers from ihop. You can also search for discounts on your Apple pay app from the ihop nearest outlet. 


So, now there is no need to worry about anything now. Even if you forget to bring your wallet to your dinner date or meeting, you can always use apple pay at the ihop location to pay your bill very quickly and conveniently. The quick payment through your apple watch also takes you one first ahead of everyone in terms of great payment experiences.


Can you pay with apple pay at ihop?

Yes, you can easily spend at ihop physical locations and its online platform through apple pay. There is an instant pay setup between both parties. Therefore, the payment will get cleared quickly without any dispute.

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