Walksafe App Canada/U.S for Android/iOS [2024]

Walksafe app is an Android & iOS application designed specifically for smartphone users. Mobile phone users face a substantial risk when talking on mobile phones while walking. The Walksafe app was primarily designed to increase the safety of pedestrians using mobile phones for communication.

Walksafe app uses the back camera of the user’s mobile phone to detect traffic-related risks on the road. The app is designed to alert the walkers about potential risky situations. The app uses machine learning and image recognition algorithms to detect the front and the back vehicles.

Walksafe App Download

To alert the walker, the app vibrates loudly. The best part is the app can be used for free and incurs no hidden charges to its users. The app also publishes relevant data related to road conditions and crime for its users twice a week. 

How to use Walksafe app?

The Walksafe app runs using the four smart Android features.

  • Image capture
  • Image processing
  • Detection of vehicles
  • Dispatch of alerts

How to use?

  • Users have to download the app.
  • The app asks permission for a camera, microphone, and geolocation.
walksafe app android ios
  • Once users have allowed the permissions, the app is ready to use.
how to use walksafe app
  • The app gets activated only when the user initiates a call or receives a call.
Once activated, the app keeps an eye on the road for you. However, the app can keep an eye in one direction since it just uses your back camera. Hence it is good for one-way roads however, if user crossing a two-way road then they might have to watch the other side themselves.
walksafe.io app apk
  • Users are alerted immediately whenever a vehicle is located.
  • The vehicles can be detected by the app from a distance of 50 meters and with a 30 km/h speed. 

Walksafe Features

Several features are built into the Walksafe app. They are,


If ever you are not feeling safe while walking back home, tap to open the app. Your loved ones would be notified about your location in no time. In this way, you can be assured that there is a high chance of them finding you in case there is a need.

Home Safe

Your loved ones are intimated if you fail to reach home at a said or set time. The app facilitates setting up a fixed time and place and also allows users to keep family and loved ones in loop.

  • Check in feature of the app
  • If you want to schedule a reminder for your loved ones to check on you at a certain time and at a certain place, use the app to do so. 

Walksafe map

Walksafe community reports dangerous zones like areas reported of frequent knife assaults, crimes like sexual assault and mugging.

Catch up on live updates

Different features mentioned above can generate live updates for you to follow. All of it is present in just one place from where you can check them.

How to download Walksafe app?

Downloading the Walksafe app is easy.

App NameWalksafe
Size 28 MB
ReviewsMixed (Both +ve and -ve)
Rating3+ (Google Play)
Official Websitewalksafe.io
  • Visit Google Play Store or App Store for Apple.
  • On the search bar, type in the Walksafe app.
  • Press the “Install” tab to download the app.
  • Once downloaded, run the app on your system.
  • Fill in a few details and your app are ready to use.

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What is the best app for walking free?

There are many apps are available in the market for walking. But only a few of them provide security as you get it in the Walksafe app. Here, you can check more.

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    2. Walkmeter
    3. Fitbit

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