How to Unlock Google Pay in iPhone [2024]? If forgot password?

Google Pay has been the choice of many when paying someone within the country. To secure your account, you could lock it in any of the ways- PIN, fingerprint, password, or your pattern format.

On normal conditions, if your Google pay is locked, how to unlock it is the question you might want answers for. In this discussion, we would tell you everything you need to do to secure your account and unlock it.

How to unlock google pay in iPhone?

How to Unlock Google Pay in iphone

You can easily link the Touch ID you use in Google to your Google PIN for your iPhone.

The Google PIN is always different from the UPI PIN or even the one you use to unlock your device.

When you use the fingerprint, the app wouldn’t know about it. The fingerprint information is not shared with the app.

How to unlock Google pay if forgot password?

Google Pay unlocking is possible till you remember the PIN. If you forgot the Google pay screen lock, you will have to take up the below steps to set it right again.

  • Enter your PIN and in case, you have forgotten it, you need to tap the Forgot PIN option.
  • Click to add your Gmail ID password.
  • Now click on the sign-in option.
  • You will be given a chance to enter a new PIN when you click on the Create PIN option.
  • Now use your new PIN to open your GPay account.


What to do if Google Pay is locked?

Your Google pay requires unlocking if it is locked.

If you’re asking how then here’s how;

  • Open Google Pay from your Android device.
  • Click on your photo and then click on the Security tab.
  • Choose to use Google PIN
  • Further, click on Forgot PIN.
  • Now set your PIN as described in the above section.

Why is my Google Pay locked?

Once you’re logged in to any device, you’d automatically be logged out of any other device. On your other accounts, a message stating, ‘account used on another device’ is displayed. The most obvious and common reason behind locking your device is almost always this one.

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