Google Reveals New Pixel 8 Camera Secrets

Google is going to adorn the new Pixel 8 and 8 Pro with different camera features. Earlier several leaks led people to know a bit about what they are up to. But now we have even more information about the camera secrets and this time, it is directly from Google.

How did Google convey what they are planning to make this time? Through a survey, they made a few prominent leaks for their users. The company asked for solicited options from their customers to understand what could work best for them in terms of spot-based photography. They also asked buyers what or which of the features of spot-based photography could influence their decision when planning for a new smartphone.

What is it that Google plans to give their users now?

  1. Audio Magic Eraser function

It was already leaked earlier and according to the previously leaked information, you could do a bit with your photos using it.

It uses AI to eliminate unnecessary background sounds from your video recordings.

  • AI photo fusion

If there are many people in a team and all have taken different photos, this function could do wonders. They could collate all the photos and find out the best-shot photos of those. Additionally, it could merge all these best-shot photos and create an ultimate picture where everybody looked just great.

  • GPhoto editing option

What could you not possibly do now if you just had a single photo of yourself?

With this feature, you could change backgrounds which mean you could make a casual photo look formal in no time. You could also alter people’s clothes and anything that is alterable in a photo easily. It is nothing but probably the magic editor function that was announced at the beginning of this year.

  • Fast camera openings

The Pixel 8 camera opening will be viewed closely given that the Pixel 7 Pro camera was already found to be unsteady or as people termed it snappy at the time of launch. How much difference will it make is what people need to look out for when starting to use the Pixel 8 camera.

Apart from all of it, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro also will have an updated camera app and upgraded camera hardware. Are we to not wait for this impressive launch that is going to make it visible this year?

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