How to Sign up for Money By Quickbooks App? Is it Safe?

What is money by QuickBooks app?

QuickBooks allows you to handle your money from business in the best possible way. With the help of a mobile bank account, you can easily manage your money; pay any number of bills, and also free deposits on the same day.

With it, you wouldn’t require to maintain a minimum balance with your account. You also do not need to pay monthly fees. With it, you can encash almost 19000 ATMs from All Point.

It’s a Fintech solution for those small and medium-scale businesses that struggle indefinitely with bookkeeping.

Money By Quickbooks App

How to money by QuickBooks app download?

You could easily download the app from Google Playstore and Apple AppStore. 

The steps remain the same for Google Playstore and Apple AppStore.

  • Go to the search bar of both the appstores.
  • Search for your app by typing in the right words.
  • Finally, click on the Install or Get button and wait for the downloads to happen.

How to money by quickbooks sign up?

To signup, you either need to visit the web page or the app. You can also use the same login for your web browser and the app.

  • You have to register by including your first and last name, email address, phone number, and password.
  • Click on the green sign-up tab.

The free 30-day trial incorporates all features, functionalities, bank-level security, privacy, and free training and support without asking for your bank details.


The app promises a lot of features like 1% APY interest, instant deposit services for free, and bookkeeping that is absolutely entry-free.

  • No additional monthly fees
  • Projections of cash flow and insights
  • ACH transfers are done for free.
  • Free premium debit card with the name of your company on it.
  • FDIC insured $25,000.
  • Digital setup is easy and they offer good customer support for backup.


  • You can easily integrate QuickBooks payments and Payroll.
  • Deposits are free and instant for users who are eligible.
  • 1% high-yield interest for all balances and bill pay options for your payments.

Is it Safe?

The app uses distinct features which make it worthy of being used. It uses the encryption technologies being used by the top financial institutions of the world. An app cannot be safer than this as the use of 128-bit SSL is just more than what anyone can implement on their site.


Reviews have been positive about the app. The perks you pay for it is more but then it definitely promises to make your bookkeeping easy.

It has increased security features and Firewall protected servers. So your money and information are safe up there.

You might be surprised to know that QuickBooks is the company behind Mint and TurboTax which is being used by millions of people for financial information storage.

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