Lushli App-How to install and Use? Features-Review

What is the Lushli app?

The app is designed for influencers and content creators of social media platforms. It has a user-friendly interface, is fast, and extremely useful for users. With its help, influencers can better their brand ad increase their chances of collaborations building authentic relationships with the dealers and originators. The app helps serious content creators create and enhance their content-creating abilities.

It also introduces a user-friendly keyboard equipped with all the advanced features for making collaborations easy.

LUSHLI APP How to Use_ How to Download_

 How to use Lushli App?

Once users have downloaded the app, they will require to register themselves with the site.

  • Users can register by using their Instagram or Facebook credentials.
  • Once you feed the Instagram email address/username, you would next be asked to verify if you are an influencer or a company.
  • Choose either influencer or company based on your identity and requirements.
  • Next, it would ask users to fill in your details- name and email ID.
  • You would have to sign up by linking your Instagram credentials.
  • Once you log in with the Instagram ID and password, you are almost set to use the app.

After registering with the app, you can use Lusli’s advanced features to add and make a better virtual reality.

 Lushli app Features

There are several interesting features that the Lusli app would bring to its users.

– An intuitive keyboard that can make work your work easy.

– Better insights for making your social media platforms more effective.

– Best performing hashtags are just a click away.

– Adding spaces in your caption is also just a click away.

– Posting pre-written captions is also a click away.

– Better caption templates are offered for your content.

– It suggests best performing hashtags for every category.

– The app would help increase your organic reach and would prevent falling into shadow banning situations.

How to download Lushli App?

Lushli app can be downloaded from both Android and iOS.

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– Visit the Google Play store or the Apple Appstore.

– Search for the Lushli app and install it. 

– Enter your Instagram login credentials in the box if you have already signed up.

– Try registering yourself if you are already not registered.

– Once you have synced in your Instagram and Facebook start using the app.

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