Huckleberry App Baby Sleep Detailed Review (A Quick Guide)

Huckleberry sleep app is one of the best in the industry and has the first AI interface to predict your baby’s sleep cycle with utmost accuracy.

You can do a lot of things with this Huckleberry app for babies helping you transition your baby into a crib, predicting the baby’s sleeping patterns like no other. With a team of experts and the sweet spot help which is the first predictive algorithm that works with real-time data.

Their traditional sleep consultants help you find detailed sleep guidance and also helps manage your child’s schedule effectively.

huckleberry app baby sleep review

How to USE the Huckleberry app?

To use the Huckleberry sleep app, you would have to initially download it from the Google Play store. After downloading it, you’ll have to create an account with them. Once the account is created, you can log into it and start putting in your details’. The Huckleberry app for babies charges $14.99 a month.

– To turn on a customized sweet spot, you will have to child’s profile which is the fourth icon on your navigation bar.

– Click on the Sweet spot settings tab.

– Click on the customized Sweet Spot Toggle button to switch it ON.

– Now, you can set your timers for each wake window you can set a time before nap, and time before bedtime.

– If you do not have any wake windows in mind and your initial sweet spot suggestions seem to work fine, in this case, you can try to use the nudge the time tab. Adjust the timer according to your analysis and activity.

– To get back to the automated sweet spot, simply toggle OFF the switch to turn the custom sweet spot OFF.

– You can also click on the restore default settings at the bottom of the bar anytime even to revert to the automated sweet spot.

– If you’ve chosen to pick my own for adjusting the wake windows, it would follow the schedule you have chosen. But if you have chosen the automatic nudge the time option, it will automatically keep adjusting the wake window as per your child’s age.

– You can also refer to the personal advises and charts from the Huckleberry app for baby.

– Additionally, you can also create an additional sleep plan with your sleep profile, schedule, and each week’s separate schedule.

Huckleberry App Complete Review

Apart from several trackers mentioned above, there are also some other trackers in use.

For Medicines and Diapers you need to set an alarm when medications are to be given & diapers are to be changed.

Growth trackers will track your baby’s growth over the months.

Temperature trackers can keep a record of your baby’s temperature well. Also If you want to store and secure your baby’s photos online you can use Backthen app.

Given the specificity and the authenticity of their data, the Huckleberry app for babies works well to reduce the stress of new parents. The Huckleberry sleep app can also regularize your sleep cycle based on your child’s sleep meter.

The Huckleberry sleep app has been given a 4.6 rating on the Google Play store & a 4.8 rating on the Apple app store.

Pediatric sleep experts, single tap logging, daily charts and stats, support for multiple children (best for those who have twins, triplets, or quadruplets), easy tracking categories and so much more. In its review, we can also say that the Huckleberry sleep app does what it promises and serves the purpose to the delight of the families. You can easily rely on the app.


There are several features of the Huckleberry sleep app that come together to provide you a wholesome experience.

Sleep trackers are color-coded and help predict the next optimal time to sleep.

Nappy changing trackers log your baby’s output and suggest suitable hours of changing their nappy.

Feeding/Pumping trackers predict the best feeding time for your baby.

How does the Huckleberry App work?

– It has a wonderful nap predictor that helps predict your child’s sleep pattern based on their age, their stage of growth, and also their nocturnal and diurnal cycle.

– It has a wonderful tracking system whereby you can easily compare the total days & night’s sleep with the regulated visual guides.

– With the premium version, you can obtain customized easy-to-follow plans that help you adjust your day’s plan adding up to your valuable guidance.

– They would know your family and then provide you with a day and night’s sleep plan.

– The algorithms are used to ensure high-quality accurate data.

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