How to Hotspot App Download for Jio phone in 2021 | Install Hotspot

How to Download Hotspot App for Jio phone in 2021

Welcome, to our blog, Today, we will discuss How can we install and download hotspot in Jio phone. If you have a Jio phone and you want to install this android app on that phone then follow this article to the end.

I have shared the video below, watch that video.

Jio is launching many new schemes and offers one after another for common people. But some of their phones have limited features.

They lack a hotspot feature and many others too. But third party developers have worked really hard to solve these problems for us. Previously we told you how to install the famous Vidmate app on your Jio Phone with the help of the Omnisd App. Check that too.

hotspot app download for jio phone

What is HotSpot?

First of all, let me tell those who don’t know “What is the hotspot Connect app“. And if you want to secure your apps in Jio phone then install App Lock.

A hotspot is an app that you can use and share your internet with another mobile phone. When we start our hotspot another person can connect their mobile phone with us using wifi and they can use our internet on their phone.

We can provide a hotspot connection for more than one mobile phone at the same time. We can also set a password so that the unknown could not use our internet.

This feature is currently available on all android phones. Check more about hotspot on wikipedia

But Jio phone users also want to use this feature in their android phone and they are eagerly searching for this on google SERPs from so many times.

And now, the wait is over. Watch the below-shared video to get your answer and to know how could you use wifi and a hotspot on Jio’s phone.

Use Wifi/Hotspot app in Jio phone


Hotspot app download for jio phone apk

There is no ”Hotspot app apk” that can help in activating Hotspot of your Jio mobile. This is not even possible with the OmniSd app. So stop fooling by the people who try to fool you by their fake promises.

Turning ON the hotspot app is only possible if it is already available on your Jio Phone device. You can follow these steps to turn it on

Step 1:- Go to Your Phone settings

Step 2:- Now locate the “hotspot and tethering” in the settings menu. Tap over it.

Step 3:- After That on the “Mobile Hotspot”. Turn it ON

That’s it Enjoy!

For more info, you can also download the Hotspot info app from the play store in free.

This is all about the Hotspot App for Jio phone. I hope you loved this article.

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