Go Cash Loan App: Is it SAFE & LEGIT [online loan app]?

Go Cash app is an online platform from which Indians can apply for instant loans. The loan service is of high quality and offers loans from 2K to 20K at any point. The credit offered is for a 3 to 6-month span. Repayments can be made every week, fortnight, or monthly.

The annual compounding is done daily and the interest rate is 21%-27%. The annual technology maintenance fee is 3% of the credit amount approved.

It is registered under an RBI (Reserve Bank of India) approved NBFC firm called, “Mount Shikhar Financial Services Limited.”

How to go cash loan app apply? Download app & reviews

How can I get a loan from Gocash?

To be eligible for a loan, you will need to be a working personnel. You must be an Indian citizen, above 18 years of age, with a minimum Rs.12000 income per month.

Additionally, you need to provide your KYC documents to the app like your Aadhar card, Pan Card, and the details of an active bank account.

  • So here’s how it works for you.
  • Register to the account in the downloaded app.
  • Fill in the basic loan-related details and apply.
  • Post it, you will receive a verification call.
  • The status of your loan is intimated through an SMS.
  • After the loan approval, you must sign the loan agreement.
  • Once your loan agreement is signed, your loan would be credited to your bank account for which you’d be notified over the phone.
  • Go cash loan app customer care number

Go Cash loan app customer care number is +971-2-6355625 for all types of problems, issues related to your loan services, or any other stuff.

How to Go Cash Loan App Download?

One can easily download the Go Cash Loan app for Android devices from the Google Play store.

Right now the app is available only for Android users.

Go Cash Online Loan App review

Google Playstore rates it at 3.4. It is also noteworthy that people are going with it since it is registered under a firm insured by the FBI directly.

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Is it real or fake?

Since the app is available in Google Playstore, the app is not fake. Also, the app is RBI certified, thus, there is no way the app can be considered fake in any way.

Is go cash loan legit?

Given the security measures provided by the app, the app is in no way illegitimate. Additionally, Google Playstore would never incorporate an app that is in any way not using the right way, so the app is completely legitimate.  

Is Go Cash app safe?

It is safe to use the Go Cash app. All security measures are adopted to ensure the app’s security and safety.

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