Don’t Want to Go Outdoors and Play? Here are Exciting Indoor Games

Indoor games are the best form of games in today’s world. With the new coronavirus strains spreading worldwide, it isn’t easy to gauge which place would be best to roam for an individual. Indoor games are the best refuge, and you can provide yourself for hours without getting bored as you can indulge in a normal conversation with a friend while playing these games as well.

indoor games

During the times of Corona, both online and indoor games took over the market, and people were overwhelmed with the huge number of options they got to explore. Ludo, hands down, blew out the competition by becoming the top game played online in 2020. The aspect of playing Ludo with real money attracted new players who saw the involvement in the fun game as a good investment of their ideal time. 

Let’s look at some of the other exciting indoor games you can play in the safety of your home. 


Carrom is one of the top Indian household games you can play with your family and friends whenever you have time to spare. In carrom, you get a playing board and game tokens that you have to pocket to win the game. There are 9 tokens for white in carrom and 9 tokens for black; one red token has the maximum points among all other tokens and is called the queen. You can play the game against one opponent or pair up against two others. In one mode, players can pick a side, either white or black. Usually, the player who starts the game has to pick white. You have to stick to the margins drawn on the playing board to place your carrom striker used for hitting the tokens across the board. This striker is similar to the cue ball used in billiards. The game can be played in another fashion where all four players can be opponents, and the one who scores the most points by grabbing the most valued tokens wins the game. Carrom requires skill, concentration, and mostly focus. It is one of the finest indoor games you can indulge in without worrying too much about the rules as you can learn them along the way.  

Table Tennis

With regards to mobility and swiftness, Table Tennis is the best indoor game. You utilize all of your bodily functions for playing table tennis, giving you complete physical exercise from head to toe. In table tennis, you get a medium-sized board slightly over double the area of a full-size carrom match board. Similar to the lawn tennis setup, the middle of the board is separated by a net, and two players must keep rallying until one drops the ball. This game is a great exercise for hands and improves concentration as players must focus for long times on the small ball to hit it correctly. 

Medical research has also shown that playing table tennis regularly improves the quality of eyesight and other reactionary senses. There are a lot of healthy appendages attached to the game, so it demands you play it whenever you get a chance.


The oldest game in the subcontinent of India is one of the top games you can play indoors. Since ancient times Ludo has been a part of our Indian culture, and it has become a nostalgic experience for all individuals. The game is played on a small board with four different colored quadrants so four players can play the game at a time. Each player is given four tokens to play and dice to score the moves. Players can open the tokens from the houses by throwing numbers on the dice and also move their pieces forward in the game. The objective is to get all four tokens to the home grid after making a round of the entire board. In between the final objective, players have to strategize which piece to move forward and which piece they can hold back in the game as other players can capture each other’s pieces. It is simple, yet there is great fun to be had when enjoyed with your family or a group of close friends. 

Musical Chairs

This game is the quirkiest one on the list and involves the aspect of music incorporated into the gameplay. In this game, players have to circle chairs, and music starts to play in the background. When the music stops, the people at the party have to stop and jump to take places in the chairs, and those who cannot take it are disqualified from the game. At this time, it is necessary that you have to be very alert and physically active about it. The chairs slowly decrease proportionally to the number of players disqualified as the game progresses. The last one getting a seat in the game finally wins it. It is a must-play if you stay indoors and helps bring the family together in the most proactive way.

In Conclusion 

Indoor games are some of the best activities you can do with your idle time at home. It is important to remember that when you are playing indoor games, your camaraderie grows with your playmates, and you can gel together more cheerfully than you had done before. Try out these best indoor games soon if you have not experienced the ones on the list already.

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