iBOMMA App Watch latest Tamil Telugu Movies (Guide 2024)

iBOMMA app is a popular app for watching Telugu movies. There is an official website for the app and one can watch iBOMMA Telugu movies, even from there. The app allows people to download the app for free.

The user would have to enter the domain name of the website to access the app for the first time.

ibomma app for Tamil Movies

How to iBOMMA app download for Android & iOS?

It is a torrent website and can be used to watch movies for free. To download the app you will have to click on the menu and then browse through the Settings to reach the Security tab from where you’ll need to click on the checkbox to allow downloading apps from unknown sources (other than the Google Play store).

How to watch iBOMMA Tamil Movies?

Downloading or watching iBOMMA for Tamil movies makes you go through certain steps.

– Once you enter the website, you will find movies from different languages including Tamil movies.

– So ideally you will have to search for the movie of your choice by typing the name of the movie in the search bar.

– Choose the format in which you want to download the movie like 360p, 720p, 1080p, and so on.

– Finally, click on the download option to download the movie of your choice.

You can Also use Kooku App to watch Movies and series online.


– The app allows you to download for free.

– The app can let you download movies of almost all languages especially English, Telugu, and Tamil movies are widely preferred.

– Besides downloading the app, live streaming is also possible with the app.


Reviews for the iBOMMA app are not that great since the app has changed domains several times and also is a Torrent site.

But downloading movies is easy and so is watching movies possible, if one is a fan of Telugu and Tamil movies.

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