Dhar Mann App For Android, iPhone [Dhar Mann earning]

Several entertainment apps in the market promise a lot of things. But when you try to watch videos through them, you might face issues.

Dhar Mann app promises good quality video when viewing videos within it. Plus videos are exclusive to the Dhar Mann can be watched only from this application.

All your favorite videos can be watched with the app. The Dhar Mann application is available for every country. You can also shop from the app with the latest merchandise offered by the app. Choose your favorite designs when not watching the videos.

Dhar Mann App Features & Details

Dhar Mann App

The app offers several exciting features for its users.

  1. They offer inspirational messages every day to their users. To get these messages you have to set in notifications.
  2. The content is rich and new, never seen before. The content exclusive to the Dhar Mann app is available only on this platform and nowhere else. Viewers can choose what they love and can sort them into different segments. They can save them, create playlists, and so on.
  3. Sorting through the videos and the content is easy with the app in place.
  4. Receiving perks from the app is possible in the form of prizes and cash gifts.
  5. Even shopping is allowed on the app and users can choose from different merchandise available on the app.

How to Download Dhar Mann App for Android?

The Dhar Mann app for Android can be downloaded from the Google Playstore. Simply click on the Install tab and get the app on your device.

How to install Dhar Mann App for iPhone?

The Dhar Mann app for the iPhone is available in the Apple appstore. Click on the Get tab and wait for the installation.

How much money does Dhar Mann make?

The app has an annual estimated turnover of 18.05 million every year.


The app is definitely a one-stop solution for those who wish to watch videos, shop, and win prizes all together. Browse through the write-up to know more about it.

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