Cody ko App [I’d Cap that app] 2024 | Cody Ko Net Worth

While majoring in computer science Cody Ko developed an iPhone application called “I’d Cap That.”

The Cody Ko Youtuber app can caption photos.

Cody ko App I'd Cap that app

Within the first few months, the Cody ko app garnered 4 million users.

It was thus, named the Free App of the Week.

This application was acquired in recent times by Iddiction. They have further developed the app and strategized it to make it more robust. Slowly Iddiction has also added more options to the premium versions.

What app did Cody Ko make?

He made the Cody Ko app that could caption photographs. The app offers a free platform. You could either upload a photo from your gallery or you could capture a new photo.

Automatic captions would come up when you upload or click a photo with the Cody ko app.

If you do not like the captions you can go for a premier version by paying for it. The app is for 18+ users who know which caption would not break the thin line of honor when used.

As I’d Cap that app hoists phrases which range from being silly, stupid, and go up to being vulgar hence it is not an app apt for children.

Purchase upgrades provide more options as a whole.

One can shade the photos in different tones. They can either store the captioned photos or use them for social media. There is also an email option for the photos.

How much is Cody Ko net worth?

Cody KO’s net worth as of 2024 is 6 million.

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