How to buy shares on commSec app? Check App Cost details

To access the trading platform, users can use the Commsec app easily. With the help of this app, you can always stay updated with the market news.

Investment opportunities would be sending to you live quotes every day. Free alerts are devised to be received instantly helping you in taking fast, clever, and calculated trading decisions. Market and dividend announcements would be made clear to you. Access international trading and research facilities with the app.

How to buy shares on commsec app?

buy shares on commsec app

Here’s how you can buy shares from Commsec app after logging into it.

  • Go to the Trading option from the Menu located on the upper-hand side.
  • You can check on buy share pack if you wish to buy shares.
  • Place the order by filling in the order details. Order type, code, quantity, price limit and expiry details (20 days in the future is defaulted) need to go into it.
  • Fill in the order type you would like to choose from the market type and the limit order type.
  • Further click on proceed order tab.
  • Once done, you can see a summary of your bought shares.

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How to use the Commsec app?

To use the Commsec app, you will either have to go to the tabs which help in trading, going through portfolios, watch lists, quotes and research, community, products and support.

  • You can buy shares.
  • Selling shares through it is also possible.
  • You can generate quotes and do market research using the app.
  • You can manage orders, confirmations, and conditional options.
  • Go through International, IPOs, and Commsec/RESS.

How much does commsec cost?

You will need to pay nothing to open a Commsec account. You will also not need to pay for monthly account-keeping. There is also no inactivity fee for Australian accounts. But if you’re an international customer and you wish to open an account you can do so. But, there is a charge of $25 in case you have not transacted even in a year from this account.

How to trade on commsec app?

Trading involves either buying or selling of shares. When doing so, with Commsec app, you will need to login to the app, and then fill in the requisite order for selling or buying a stock.

If you buy and sell the stock on the same day, the difference amount would be deposited in your account by the Commsec division on the same day.

How to Commsec App Download?

The Commsec app is available on Google Playstore and Apple AppStore.

Easy to download, you can go to the Playstore to install it or Appstore to get it.

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