3 Ways to Swap ETH for BTC Safely

The crypto industry is full of scammers these days. Therefore, the problem of converting ETH to BTC safely is of great importance. That’s why we decided to tell you about the 3 most secure ways of trading.

Leveraging one of these methods will ensure that your funds are safe.

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Exchanging ETH for BTC: Secure Routes

Currently, we do not have as many safe converting ways as we’d want. Yet the below-mentioned ones will give you a bright picture of what to look at when swapping your coins.

Decentralized Exchange: Godex

The first method we want to talk about is converting tokens with the help of decentralized solutions. We decided to put it first since this way provides anonymity and speed of your transactions.

Let’s take Godex as an example. Godex is a crypto exchange service that looks through thousands of token pairs to provide you with the best possible buying/selling price and the shortest way of executing your orders.

This website is run by a team of crypto enthusiasts who value security and anonymity. That’s why the users of their platform feel 100% safe when trading here. Also, they value it for the chance to trade 300+ coins. Relatively low fees, 24/7 support, smooth user experience, and no limits make investing in crypto a really profitable business.

Experienced traders consider DEXs (decentralized exchanges) the best opportunity to swap ETH for BTC or BTC to USDT.

Large Centralized Exchange: Binance

The second option for you is CEXs (centralized exchanges). Unlike DEXs, here we have zero anonymity and all our funds de facto belong to the owner of the platform you choose.

On the other hand, the platforms like Binance offer higher liquidity in trading pairs and an inner feeling of safety since we know how popular and reliable this website is. Also, centralized exchanges attract more beginner users due to their clear jurisdiction and centralization per se.

The concept of Binance lies in the fact that to trade on this platform, you have to sign up and pass KYC verification (in case you want to convert large sums). Thus, you have to deposit crypto to fully use the functionality of Binance.

Exchanges like Binance list only reputable coins, which eliminates the chance that your purchased tokens would cost $0 the day after you bought them.

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Strong Security Protocols: Gemini

The last option is to use security protocols. One of the greatest examples of them is Gemini.

Gemini is a new, application-layer Internet protocol for distributing arbitrary files, with some preference for transferring a lightweight hypertext format that allows files to easily link to each other. 

Gemini may be of interest to those who are:

  • Against the ubiquitous user tracking inherent in the web;
  • Interested in technologies that are undemanding to computing power and/or network bandwidth, voluntarily or involuntarily.

Gemini is meant to be simple, but not necessarily “simple at all costs.” It is based on the desire to maximize the “power-to-weight ratio,” provided that the mass is within acceptable limits. Gemini is also designed to respect privacy, discourage attempts to expand it (so that it remains simple and respectful of privacy), and be compatible in spirit with DIY. 

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Basically, Gemini is very conservative. The protocol adheres to traditional request-response and client-server paradigms. The basis of this technology is built on URIs, MIME types, and TLS. 

All this makes the protocol a valuable player in the evolving crypto market.

Bottom Line

As you see, there is a (not wide, but still) variety of crypto-swapping options out there. As of today, we have enough solutions for different purposes. The only thing left is to do your own thorough research and pick the way that suits your needs the most.

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